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Making The Most of Your Summer Internship (Fall 2015)

September 29, 2015

Making The Most of Your Summer Internship (Fall 2015)

These are the Slides from a Presentation I gave at Stanford about making the most of your summer internship as part of their Career skills workshop series.


September 29, 2015


  1. Hi! I’m Maltz • I Build Android apps at Yelp

    Eat24 • I’ve Been ‘Droid building for 2 years • Big Hello Kitty fan • Bigger fan of mentoring at hackathons
  2. 1. Personal growth 3 to Having a Successful Internship 2.

    Knowing what you want out of a full time position 3. Having a great time
  3. • Have Design Reviews ◦ Have to explain yourself a

    lot? Reflect on why. ◦ Preemptively clarify • Write documentation Communication Skills
  4. Technical Skills • Try to never make the same mistake

    twice • Find really successful people, ask them what they read • Ask about words you don’t understand
  5. Workflow Skills • Automate as much as possible ◦ If

    something bothers you, make it easier • See something cool? Ask about it. • Learn your tools well
  6. What Culture Isn’t What Culture Is Do I get free

    lunch? How do people communicate about issues? How is the office decorated? When I have a problem, how does it get resolved? Are there Yoga Classes? How much effort do we put into mentoring? Other benefits / perks How much autonomy is given to me?
  7. The simple guide to meeting anyone 1. Find someone who

    knows something you’re curious about 2. Schedule 30 minutes to talk to that person 3. Be punctual 4. Ask the questions you’re curious about. a. “What do you do here?” is totally valid