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Matthew Woods - Little Boy (Thumbnails)

Matthew Woods - Little Boy (Thumbnails)

Matthew Woods

July 09, 2022

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  1. Page 1
    B.E.: “And now, the moment of truth… I’m searching for the one who the High Lama of Tibet told me would be in this very room.
    B.E.: The Chosen
    “Little Boy”

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  2. Page 2
    Jack: Hey, Little Boy. Why don’t you stand next to
    my baby sister. I want her to feel taller. Ronnie: How’s the weather down
    there, Little Boy?!
    B.E.: Little Boy, huh?
    B.E.: I like it... B.E.: Ladies and gentlemen. B.E.: The Chosen One!
    B.E.: What you’re about to
    see, is not an illusion.
    B.E.: You’ll bear witness to a
    profound experience...
    B.E.: The movement of an
    inanimate object through
    inner power...
    B.E.: But I’m not going to
    perform it…
    “Little Boy”

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  3. matthewjwoods.com Page 3
    B.E.: My new colleague... B.E.: Mr. Little Boy, will.
    “Little Boy”

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  4. Page 4
    B.E.: Lamac,
    lamec,”bachalyos cabahagi!
    B.E.: Now, you have the
    power… It’s up to you to
    achieve the impossible.
    Freddy.: That Little Runt can’t
    even find his own willy with
    both hands!
    L.B.: But they’re going to make
    fun of me.
    B.E.: They won’t if you move the bottle… B.E.: Just do as I say.
    “Little Boy”

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  5. Page 5
    B.E.: Focus, Little Boy, focus! Just
    believe you can move the bottle.
    B.E.: Ignore the world… B.E.: Do you believe you can
    move it, yes or no?
    B.E.: I need to hear it! L.B: Yes, I can do it!
    “Little Boy”

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  6. Page 6
    B.E.: You are, indeed… B.E.: the Chosen One.
    “Little Boy”

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