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Routine & Ritual - a holistic view of productivity

9827bd229f2e36dac70356b22e67ceae?s=47 Matt McManus
May 26, 2015

Routine & Ritual - a holistic view of productivity

Given at the May 26 evening of the Software as Craft Meetup in Philadelphia, PA



Matt McManus

May 26, 2015


  1. Routine & Ritual A holistic view of productivity

  2. It was never about software Technology can only multiply whats

    already there
  3. It's about routine and it's more significant companion, Ritual

  4. Routines aren't neutral Do something 100 times and it will

    change you
  5. How we rest effects how we work People who work

    with their minds, rest with their hands
  6. How do we develop new routines New routines don't come

    from out of no where
  7. Find a pain point I'll guess it's email

  8. Make the space Sunday night? Your commute? One of˝ the

    times you binge watch something?
  9. Take baby steps "All I have to do it put

    on my gym clothes˝ and go outside"
  10. Reflect & Improve Life changes. Make sure you're routines keep

  11. Thanks @mattmcmanus