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droidcon Italy 2017 - UNITY 3D getting started

April 07, 2017

droidcon Italy 2017 - UNITY 3D getting started

Slides of "From zero to play store: developing a mobile video game with Unity3D" talk @Droidcon Italy 2017
Introduction to Unity3D concepts


April 07, 2017

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  1. 1. Inserisci il numero del volo Oppure sceglilo dalla lista

    dei voli. Transform: position, rotation, scale are relative to the parent
  2. goes to sleep if it has linear and angular velocity

    less than the value in settings. In this mode it does not move letting the engine do less computation It starts moving after a collision or a force applied Rigidbody C O L L I S I O N S W H A A A A A A T ? ? COLLISIONS
  3. Colliders There are many available shapes: • Box Collider •

    Sphere Collider • Capsule Collider • Mesh Collider • …and more!
  4. Actually there is only one kind of collider Static Colliders

    Dynamic Colliders Rigidbody ❌ Rigidbody ✅ Motionless objects (rocks, walls, floors, …) Moving objects (balls, characters, …) Moving this object ✅ Moving this object
  5. Not all the collisions are the same! Physics materials to

    describe how a surface works in a collision
  6. When you write a script you are creating a component

    for your designer or for the designer in you! (most of the times)
  7. Scripts: component creation Monobehavior: the class that defines a component

    Gives us many methods, here the most important: • Start() • Update() • FixedUpdate()