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Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food

Megan Grocki
May 14, 2014

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food

What has happened to our food, how it affects our health, and how we can fix it

Megan Grocki

May 14, 2014


  1. Let Food Be thy Medicine & Medicine Be thy Food

    Megan  Grocki,     Experience  Strategy  Director   #HxR2014          @megangrocki  
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  3. What has happened to our food?

  4. How is our food affecting our health?

  5. What can we do about it?

  6. has happened to our food? WTF

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  9. Photo:  Mark  Kegans  for  The  New  York  Times  

  10. Photo:www.perdueagribusiness.com  

  11. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) “Organisms in which the genetic material

    (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.” -World Health Organization
  12. Is genetically modified

  13. (Bt) Corn Bacillus thuringiensis

  14. (Bt) Corn classified as a pesticide by the EPA

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  16. Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine) azodicarbonamide MSG Aspartame Sodium benzoate High

    fructose corn syrup (HFCS) Sodium nitrite
  17. 80% of antibiotics sold in the US are used on

    farm animals FDA  
  18. Pesticides Insecticides Fungicides Herbicides (Glyphosate) - 527 million pound increase

    since 1996 C.  Benbrook,  2012  
  19. What does our food have to do with our health?

  20. We Are Sicker & Die Younger Than Others In Wealthy

    Nations Source:  NaHonal  Research  Council  and  InsHtute  of  Medicine.  U.S.  Health  in  InternaHonal  PerspecHve:   Shorter  Lives,  Poorer  Health.  Washington,  DC:  The  NaHonal  Academies  Press,  2013.  
  21. American  Diabetes  AssociaHon.     American children born each year

    since 2000, will develop Type 2 diabetes 1 in 3
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  23. Source:  Stanford  school  of  medicine   has food allergies 1

    in 13
  24. 2,615 4,135 9,537 1998-2000 2001-2003 2004-2006 Food allergy related hospitalizations

    for children under 18 Center  for  Disease  Control.  Na2onal  Health  Interview  Survey    
  25. Pediatrics,  May  21,  2010   of girls are expected to

    begin puberty by the age of 7 15%
  26. Centers  for  Disease  Control   CANCER is the leading cause

    of death by disease in children under 15
  27. President's  Cancer  Panel  Report   of Americans are expected to

    get cancer 41%
  28. Environmental  Health  [email protected]  -­‐  V.106,  N.6  -­‐  Jun98  

  29. We spend more on health care and disease management than

    any other country on the planet. Source:  NaHonal  Research  Council  and  InsHtute  of  Medicine.  U.S.  Health  in  InternaHonal  PerspecHve:   Shorter  Lives,  Poorer  Health.  Washington,  DC:  The  NaHonal  Academies  Press,  2013.  
  30. Many diseases are diet-related & PREVENTABLE

  31. We  are  overfed,  and  undernourished   Food  insecurity    

  32. We  are  overfed,  and  undernourished   Food  insecurity    

  33. Source:  American  Journal  of  Medicine  (hWp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/244405 Nearly 1 in 3

    adults with a chronic disease has problems paying for food, medicine, or both.
  34. Image  Credit:  Wikimedia  Commons  

  35. What if we could PREVENT unnecessary illness in the first

  36. What can we do about this?

  37. We as individuals can … Cut Artificial Colors Count chemicals,

    not calories Eat Less Fake Food Seek out yummy ways to consume superfoods Learn more about GMOs and support labeling Support producers who don’t use antibiotics, or pesticides
  38. We as healthcare professionals can … Consider nutrition in our

    content Build awareness around the food/health connection Integrate nutrition information into our interfaces Getting the facts and doing research is key – study food consumption patterns alongside other work
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  40. Cool things happening with food, media, and technology

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  42. Produce at convenient stores

  43.   Fooducate   Fooducate

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  46. Social media pressure

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  50. So much sickness could be prevented by improving nutrition literacy

  51. It’s not hopeless – we can all do something

  52. Food is “health” care, Medicine is “sick” care

  53. Let’s fix food to improve health

  54. Thank you! [email protected] @megangrocki