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The Lambda Sidecar Pattern for Event-Driven Kubernetes

Ken Collins
December 07, 2022

The Lambda Sidecar Pattern for Event-Driven Kubernetes

In this session we are going to share a top to bottom (architecture → tooling) story on how we at Custom Ink are using real cloud-native & serverless solutions for our Kubernetes workloads during our migration from AMQP to EventBridge. Like many teams, we are slowly marching to a more event-driven architecture (EDA) and we cant wait to share how Lambda, SQS, & EventBridge are a key part of our journey. In our time together, we want to explore the following topics.
A product review on the current state of open-soruce solutions for containerized event handling.

Ken Collins

December 07, 2022


  1. • Service owns the data being published. • Other service(s)

    interested in data create/updates. • Service does not depend on receipt of data/event. Our AMQP Patterns 🪢
  2. • Custom in-house software 11 years old. No active development

    in 4 years for supporting software like AMQP & EventMachine. • Infrastructure is not managed nor multi-region. Application integrations are not cloud-native. • EDA is part of our future-ready platform’s composability, SaaS integration, & real-time data needs. Our Need to Change?
  3. Cloud-Native EDA w/Kubernetes ⁉ • Containerization has always promised us

    future opportunities. Can we start cashing in on that now? • Can this be done via simple & viable means? Are the integration capabilities compelling?