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How I Taught Myself to Code (NLHTML5 Meetup)

How I Taught Myself to Code (NLHTML5 Meetup)

Back in 2002 I went to college and studied architecture. During my career as an architect I worked in Amsterdam, Vienna and Frankfurt. I saw some of my projects built. It was fun!

Yet in 2013 I turned my former professional life down to become a full-time web developer. These slides summarise how I taught myself to code and landed a job in tech, while sharing some of the tricks I learned on the way.


Miriam Tocino

June 18, 2015


  1. HOW I TAUGHT MYSELF TO CODE Miriam Tocino @miriamtocino miriamtocino.com

  2. I went to college and studied Architecture September 2002

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  6. clients ideal day Identifying Routines

  7. Collecting Data Daily Gadgets

  8. Users Flow mapping clients behavior

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  10. None
  11. It was fun but I met my better half

  12. I quit my job July 2013

  13. Let’s go back to college first thought

  14. What next?

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  16. Online Resources such an awesome discovery

  17. So, that is it? extra tips

  18. Look for a partner someone to talk to

  19. Watch Tech Talks keeps motivation up

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  21. Start a pet project “what” is not important

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  24. When You Are In The Dark breath in & keep

  25. Keep an Eye on Jobs you never know

  26. Awesome Community helpful, passionate, fun

  27. Being A Woman in Tech sometimes is hard

  28. Writing Ruby telling stories with code

  29. Thank you! Keep in touch @miriamtocino miriamtocino.com

  30. Questions? don’t be shy @miriamtocino miriamtocino.com