Now I have found yet another socket. I shoot pictures about food and set them on the suite. I behave as I need, say and cook anything I want. By simple, to complicated recipes. I lease a studio at my own cost, purchase equipment and food. You can select a fantastic technique because of the testimonials on the website And I like all of it. It's somewhat"my own''. I like to talk about knowledge, I like to realize that somebody can utilize my recipe. To this day I'm satisfied with the job done and I'm not going to stop there. I am driven by ideas and their implementation. Thank you for the time, sometimes I just really wish to share info. Set goals and achieve them. You're able to get everything in this lifetime, but you need to work for this. A lot of work.

I used to work as an analyst. An analyst is, first of all, a researcher. His task is to look for answers to questions. This can be done in different ways. It is possible and necessary to communicate with people, to look at quantitative indicators and, as a result, to build the most objective picture of the world. If we move from lyrics to reality, we can distinguish several phases of the analyst's work:

When you are just beginning your career, the work of an analyst is, for the most part, to build reports. They can be done in special BI-systems, or in good old Excel or Google Tables.

The next phase is when the research already appears, and this is one of the most interesting phases. Of course, it also involves working with data, but you are already solving a specific business problem. Research can be quite different. It can be a study of user segments: we want to understand how they are different, how they are similar, and this can all be described by a set of indicators. Or research can be of the following kind: what can we optimize in business, which process is not perfect or where does the business spend the most money? And to answer these questions, an analyst comes to the aid.


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