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Optimizing Your Life

Mahdi Yusuf
February 27, 2018

Optimizing Your Life

Talk around QS and Biohacking to optimize your life.

Mahdi Yusuf

February 27, 2018


  1. Optimizing Your Life @myusuf3 Only time when premature optimizing..is ok.

    Mahdi Yusuf
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  3. Context is . 3 Billion 12 Billion 100 Million

  4. How does it all work?

  5. It can often be like this… …doesn’t have to be

  6. What is Quantified Self? More than just bowel movements

  7. Biohacking Quantified Self React & Modify Measure & Store Personal

    Impact Societal Impact
  8. Understanding Heart Health The rhythm is going to get you.

  9. Heart Rate • Good measure of heart rate health, generally

    lower is better. •Most RHR is between 60-100 beats per minute • Some endurance for very fit athletes can have RHRs as low as 40 bpm. 9
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  15. Heart Rate Variability • Good indicator of stress both physical

    and mental • This allows us to adjust training for physical stress as well as monitor mental stress triggers • This varies from person to person and its best to get a good baseline. 15
  16. Power of Heart Rate Variability 16 Increased Physical Activity Strep

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  18. Blood Sugar “I’m already tracking my blood sugar using a

    continuous glucose monitor, and it’s been frustrating to have that data be segregated from other trackable data.”

  20. Health Competition Body Fat Percentage Weight Christmas

  21. Concept of Productivity You

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  23. Productivity, what is it really? • Feeling? • Accomplishment? •

    Getting things done?
  24. 79% 2016 93% 2017

  25. Its all about efficiency • You have a finite of

    time in a day, working longer hours is actually more wasteful than productive. • Only way to increase “productivity” is to work cleaner. • I noticed there were huge chunks of wasted time context switching between tasks, or same task for small chunks of time. •Grouping together chunks of “unproductive” time really helped cutdown on inefficiencies. 25
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  27. life work

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  30. December 2017

  31. January 2018

  32. February 2018

  33. DNA Insights

  34. Stop Letting Your Dreams be Dreams • Incremental Short Term

    Goals • Lead to Long Term Wins • Quantified Goals are always clear cut and lead to better results.
  35. Brief Aside: Sitting Disease. Time to stand up • 1.5-2.4

    Times Like to Develop Heart Disease. • 30-50% Greater Risk of High Blood Pressure. • Literally Slows Metabolism. • Imagine the productivity loss.
  36. Awareness Attention Self-Efficacy Experimentation Framework for Self Awareness Projection Acknowledgement

    Reflective Loop
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