Aether— A decentralised online public space.

25223175d87446fb2e7ed43670cae7e8?s=47 Burak Nehbit
November 23, 2013

Aether— A decentralised online public space.

Aether is a decentralised, anonymous and encrypted public place in which users can create their own online communities impervious to censorship and eavesdropping.


Burak Nehbit

November 23, 2013


  1. None
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  3. Aether

  4. is a distributed network.

  5. reddit + bittorrent

  6. Aether is a decentralised, anonymous & encrypted public space.

  7. The user sees and interacts with the standard interface of

    online communities: upvotes, downvotes, comments, threads—all there. ! You can create your ‘subreddit’, post, upvote, downvote, and else. ! Nothing interesting so far.
  8. However, Aether accomplishes all of this with no servers.

  9. No servers to block

  10. No servers to censor

  11. And definitely no servers to do this:

  12. The shortest explanation of how it works is this: !

    When an user connects to another, it receives a bunch of posts, and a list of people. ! Aether inserts that bunch of posts into the threads user sees. Then connects to the list of people it just received. ! When an user upvotes a post, Aether makes that post available to other people connecting to the user. ! Repeat ad infinitum.
  13. The result is a network where posts travel from one

    node to another, without anybody knowing the origin.
  14. The process and algorithms that convert disparate posts received from

    thousands of people into coherent threads rests in the client running in the user’s computer.
  15. Connections between users are encrypted. ! TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA with 2048 bit

    RSA keys. ! No eavesdropping, no network profiling, plain, old, safe SSL.
  16. Aether is cool, because: ! It's anonymous. The posts jump

    from one node to another with no author information except a nickname. They cannot be traced back to the origin. ! It gives people an unfiltered, unmodified feed of information directly from the sources, with no intervention or censorship. ! It's unmoderated, so there is nobody that's deciding what you should and should not see. ! It requires zero infrastructure.
  17. Get Aether from here: ! ! Available for OS

    X and Windows. me: @nehbit, say hello!