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Talk on ROI of Design - फल की चिंता

Talk on ROI of Design - फल की चिंता

This was at the talk on ROI of Design - फल की चिंता at 500 Startups Mumbai Design Quicky!
It was aimed towards startup founders, designers & studios.

Aashish Solanki

April 02, 2016

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  1. ROI OF DESIGN Phal ki chinta April 2nd 2016, 500

    Startups Design Quicky Mumbai Talk by Aashish Solanki // @netbramha @aash1sh
  2. • Selling design since 2008 • Reached 50+ million users

    positively • Healthcare to commodity trading, from transport to NGOs – 200+ projects • Started DesignDay movement in India
  3. “What cannot be defined, cannot be measured, what cannot be

    measured, cannot be managed.” – Paul Lillrank 4
  4. Design as a competence. Design as a process. Design as

    a service. Design as an outcome. 5
  5. Design vs Art Design solves problems. Art does not. Design

    is for users. Art is self expression Design has constraints. Art has none. 6
  6. 7

  7. 02. Create & enter new markets British airways long haul

    flights full bed Ola auto, Uber pool Portea, Practo 10
  8. References • Design ROI Project - Aalto University, the Finnish

    Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and fifteen member agencies of the Finnish Design Business Association (FDBA) • Building Design Strategy (by Lockwood and Walton) 29