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A UX design process for building an open-source plugin

A UX design process for building an open-source plugin

This talk is about bringing the principles of user experience design together with the development team to build a stronger and better solution. I talk about the benefits of user experience design early in the development process and the difficulties we faced implementing the changing user flow into our plugin. Additionally, I show the audience how we used personas, user testing and several use cases based on real life examples using the open-source plugin User Feedback.


Silvan Hagen

June 06, 2015

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    Hagen, required+
  2. ABOUT ME WordPress Developer

  3. WAIT WHAT? Why is a developer giving a UX Talk?

  4. THE PLUGIN Idea behind it, why open source it, why

    use UX
  5. USER FEEDBACK Easy communication: Support, Change Requests

  6. None
  7. THE TEAM WHO BUILT IT Pascal, Karin, Silvan

  8. THE PROCESS Design and Development

  9. WHO DID WE DESIGN FOR? Our clients as the base

    for our Personas
  10. PERSONAS Identifying Personas

  11. • male, 39 • contacts us through e-mail • very

    active on social media • WP User Role (Editor) • Seamless publishing • Quick replies on issues Rolf Nidegger Community Manager/Content Marketer Photo by:https://www.flickr.com/photos/argonne
  12. • female, 55 • contacts us through calls • not

    active on social media • WP User Role (Administrator) • Evaluates team performance • Checks costs Anna Schneider Head of Content Marketing Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/richardskoonberg
  13. SUPPORT ISSUES The base for use cases and test scenarios

  14. A TESTABLE PROTOTYPE Design and development goes hand in hand

  15. BUILDING A TESTABLE PROTOTYPE Design and development goes hand in

  16. None
  17. USER TESTING Expert review and remote user tests

  18. THE TEST-PAGE A WP Site with a bug

  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. None
  23. ITERATE WITH THE FINDINGS Test, refine, repeat

  24. KEY FINDINGS Highlighting & Summary

  25. NEXT STEP Testing a simpler approach

  26. THE UX APPROACH Difficulties & benefits

  27. LOVE YOUR DESIGNERS Everything is design, Everything generates experience

  28. QUESTIONS? You can grab an early version on GitHub.

  29. THANK YOU Beer?