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What is Creativity? What is Art? (Spring 2012)

January 24, 2013

What is Creativity? What is Art? (Spring 2012)


January 24, 2013


  1. What  is  Crea+vity?  What  is  Art?   Reading   Ar+orms,

     1-­‐18     Terms/Concepts   crea+vity,  le6/right  brain,   lateral  thinking,  remix,   form,  func+on,  art  for   art’s  sake,  mural,       Key  Goals    Explore  different   aspects  of  crea+vity.    Be  able  to  form   defini+on  of  “art.”    Become  familiar  with   the  problems  of   forming  such  a   defini+on.    
  2. Two  Interac+ng  Galaxies  (ARP  273  or  UGC  1810),  Taken  with

      the  Hubble  Telescope,  Colored  using  the  “Hubble  PaleYe”   2010.  
  3. Crea+ve  AZtudes   Curiosity   “What  if…”   Big  Picture

      Openness     New  Point  of  View   Find  Order  in  Disorder   Risk  Taking   Flexible  Iden+ty   Empathe+c   Spontaneity   Dynamic   Experien+al   Experimental   Mul+cultural   Unconven+onal   Divergent  Thinking    
  4. Crea+vity  Exercise   Bob  and  Carol  and  Ted  and  Alice

     all  live  in  the   same  house.  Bob  and  Carol  go  out  to  a   movie,  and  when  they  return,  Alice  is  lying   dead  on  the  floor  in  a  puddle  of  water  and   glass.  It  is  obvious  that  Ted  killed  her  but  Ted   is  not  prosecuted  or  severely  punished.  
  5. Remote  Associates  Test   law,  birthday,  swim   twister,  lash,

     +ed   super,  ship,  gazer   bear,  comb,  moon   trap,  market,  brown  
  6. What  is  Art?   Ar+orms:  “the  visual  expression  of  an

     idea  or  experience,  formed  with  skill,   through  the  use  of  medium…When  a  medium  is  used  in  such  a  way  that  the   object  or  performance  contributes  to  our  understanding  or  enjoyment  of   life.”   People  of  Bali:  “We  have   no  art.    We  just  do  the  best   we  can.”   Ancient  Greeks:      (Techne)   technical  know-­‐how.   Marquesans:  (a’  a’kakai)  An+quity  or  Curiosity     Concise  Oxford  English  DicFonary:  art,  n.  1  the  expression  or   applica+on  of  crea+ve  skill  and  imagina+on,  especially  through  a  visual   medium  such  as  pain+ng  or  sculpture.  
  7. Form   What  should  art  look  like?   What  should

     art  be  made  from?   What  form  should  art  take?   Are  certain  forms  more  “arhul”?  
  8. Func+on   What  func+on(s)  does/should  art  serve  in  society?  

    Should  art  have  a  func+on?   Are  certain  func+ons  more  “arhul”?    
  9.    Social  Causes   J.  Howard  Miller  and   the

     War  Produc+on   Coordina+ng   CommiYee,  “We  Can   Do  It”,  1942.