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What is Creativity? What is Art? (Spring 2012)

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January 24, 2013

What is Creativity? What is Art? (Spring 2012)



January 24, 2013


  1. What  is  Crea+vity?  What  is  Art?   Reading   Ar+orms,

     1-­‐18     Terms/Concepts   crea+vity,  le6/right  brain,   lateral  thinking,  remix,   form,  func+on,  art  for   art’s  sake,  mural,       Key  Goals    Explore  different   aspects  of  crea+vity.    Be  able  to  form   defini+on  of  “art.”    Become  familiar  with   the  problems  of   forming  such  a   defini+on.    
  2. Why  this  Class?  

  3. What is your relationship to art?

  4. What  is  Crea.vity?  

  5. Two  Interac+ng  Galaxies  (ARP  273  or  UGC  1810),  Taken  with

      the  Hubble  Telescope,  Colored  using  the  “Hubble  PaleYe”   2010.  
  6. Crea+ve  AZtudes   Curiosity   “What  if…”   Big  Picture

      Openness     New  Point  of  View   Find  Order  in  Disorder   Risk  Taking   Flexible  Iden+ty   Empathe+c   Spontaneity   Dynamic   Experien+al   Experimental   Mul+cultural   Unconven+onal   Divergent  Thinking    
  7. Crea+vity  Exercise   Bob  and  Carol  and  Ted  and  Alice

     all  live  in  the   same  house.  Bob  and  Carol  go  out  to  a   movie,  and  when  they  return,  Alice  is  lying   dead  on  the  floor  in  a  puddle  of  water  and   glass.  It  is  obvious  that  Ted  killed  her  but  Ted   is  not  prosecuted  or  severely  punished.  
  8. Remote  Associates  Test   law,  birthday,  swim   twister,  lash,

     +ed   super,  ship,  gazer   bear,  comb,  moon   trap,  market,  brown  
  9. “Crea+vity  is  a  new  mental  combina+on   that  is  expressed

     in  the  world.”    
  10. None
  11. None
  12. Iron  Chef  America,  c.  2009.  

  13. Take  a  few  minutes…   Define  art.  

  14. What  is  Art?   Ar+orms:  “the  visual  expression  of  an

     idea  or  experience,  formed  with  skill,   through  the  use  of  medium…When  a  medium  is  used  in  such  a  way  that  the   object  or  performance  contributes  to  our  understanding  or  enjoyment  of   life.”   People  of  Bali:  “We  have   no  art.    We  just  do  the  best   we  can.”   Ancient  Greeks:      (Techne)   technical  know-­‐how.   Marquesans:  (a’  a’kakai)  An+quity  or  Curiosity     Concise  Oxford  English  DicFonary:  art,  n.  1  the  expression  or   applica+on  of  crea+ve  skill  and  imagina+on,  especially  through  a  visual   medium  such  as  pain+ng  or  sculpture.  
  15. What  is  Art?  

  16. Defining  Art.   1.  Form   2.  Func+on   3. 

    Form  and  Func+on  
  17. Form   What  should  art  look  like?   What  should

     art  be  made  from?   What  form  should  art  take?   Are  certain  forms  more  “arhul”?  
  18. What  is  Art?  

  19. High  vs.  Low   Bill  Waterson,  Calvin  and  Hobbes.  

  20. High  vs.  Low   Bill  Waterson   Roy  Lichtenstein  

  21. None
  22. Func+on   What  func+on(s)  does/should  art  serve  in  society?  

    Should  art  have  a  func+on?   Are  certain  func+ons  more  “arhul”?    
  23. What  is  Art?  

  24. James  McNeill  Whistler,  Peacock  Room,  1876      Visual  Delight

  25. Ellsworth  Kelley,  Red  Blue  Green,  1963.        Visual

  26. Denver  Day  of  Rock  Poster,  2011      Communica+ng  Informa+on

  27. Last  Judgment  Tympanum,  Autun  Cathedral,   Romanesque,  1146.    

     Communica+ng  Informa+on  
  28. Wasily  Kandinsky,  Improvisa+on  28,  1912   Personal  Expression  

  29. Frida  Kahlo,  The  Two  Fridas,  1939.   Personal  Expression  

  30. Art  as  Tool   Marcel  Breuer,  Wassily  Chair,  1925  

       Day  to  Day  Living  
  31. Michael  Graves,  KeYle  with  Bird,  1995.      Day  to

     Day  Living  
  32.    Social  Causes   J.  Howard  Miller  and   the

     War  Produc+on   Coordina+ng   CommiYee,  “We  Can   Do  It”,  1942.  
  33. Diego  Rivera,  Man,  Controller  of  the   Universe,  1933.  

       Social  Causes  
  34.    Ritual  &  Worship   Nkisi  Nkonde  Power  Figure,  Kongo,

      19th  c.  
  35. Karensanui,  Ryoan-­‐ji,  17th  century-­‐Present      Ritual  &  Worship  

  36. Take  a  second  look…   Define  art.