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How a Global Team Works in SmartNews

How a Global Team Works in SmartNews

As a mobile lead in a cross timezone product team, I want to share some experience about how the team works on a daily basis and also how it changes before and after the pandemic. I hope some of the points could help you. And also hope to get more feedback.


June 24, 2021

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  1. Day-to-day basis - One week sprint - One week release

    cycle in mobile team - So we def have a lot of meetings - Sprint Review Meeting - Sprint Planning Meeting - Demo Meeting - Retrospective Meeting - Company/Pillar/Squad Meetings, etc...
  2. Let’s do a simple calculation - Timezone - 9am ==

    5pm - 2 hrs overlap (3 hrs if not DST) - What can we do in TWO HOURS? -
  3. Solutions - Respect the schedule - Be in one place

    - Travel both way - Refine the process - Combine some meetings - Decentralisation - Don’t fear of failure - We can fix quickly
  4. Before the pandemic - Tokyo team could get together -

    Travel - Cross team work - Meet everyday
  5. During the pandemic - Not change too much for a

    global team compare to other team - Some aspects just got enhanced
  6. More virtual meetups - 1v1 - Team Online Gathering -

    Online escape games - Online party games
  7. Work Asynchronously - Kinda missing all things carried by emails.

    - Respect / Empathy - Presence visibility - Focus/Flexible
  8. Over-document - More questions from different stakeholders - A lot

    of similar questions - Better for Async - Organized, easy to reach