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Self-Care: Refactor your life, Revitalize your community

Self-Care: Refactor your life, Revitalize your community

We all know about self-care in the abstract. That it's good for us to find work/life balance in an increasingly multi-tasked world. That it's something we all need to be doing more of. However in reality many of us don't pay attention until it's too late. We burn out under a burden of high expectations and low self-esteem. And we struggle to break the cycle of stress and sustain the path to recovery. This is a talk about my ongoing journey - from recognizing symptoms to proactively creating tools and design patterns to help me navigate the stresses that impact my physical and mental well-being. I will start by unpacking the science of stress and it's connection to self-esteem. I'll then share specific strategies I use to combat key issues in my life, and provide analogies and design patterns that can hopefully motivate others to create self-care toolkits personalized to their needs.


Nitya Narasimhan, PhD

August 18, 2019

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  1. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Self-Care Refactor your life.

    Revitalize your community. Nitya Narasimhan, PhD | @nitya | #RefactorYou #SelfCare
  2. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Developer Relations Microsoft Community Health & Advocacy

    PhD, Polymath Parent Personal Health & Technology Nitya Narasimhan | @nitya
  3. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Credit: Stress In America, Nov 2017 Credit:

    Stress In America, Gen Z, Oct 2018 Credit: New York Times, April 2019 You are not alone!
  4. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Image Credit: Emojipedia Stress transient Anxiety persistent

    Depression pervasive Unchecked stress will lead to bigger mental and physical health issues ..
  5. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Self Care can help you manage your

    stress better Image Credit: Unsplash Community Care is about sharing the burdens together
  6. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Know Your Enemy Let’s talk about stress

    Image Credit: Unsplash Acute Stress Episodic Stress Chronic Stress
  7. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Stress Our body’s response to perceived threats

    to mental or physical well-being Image Credit: Unsplash Adaptive Stress Response our built-in surival instincts adrenaline (fight or flight) cortisol (alert, persistence)
  8. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Learn TRIGGERS Manage RESPONSES Share BURDENS How

    can we effect change? Refactor our behaviors Revitalize our communities Psychological Environmental Physiological Social Anger Fear Insecurity Anxiety Ask for Help Offer Help Share Stories Give Feedback
  9. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Image Credit: Unsplash Stress vs. Self-Esteem A

  10. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya MANAGE STRESS Control Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    space-based triggers #Declutter Social Media Workspace Memorabilia “Does it spark joy?”
  11. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya MITIGATE STRESS Coping Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    cultivate calm #Refocus Sketching Meditation “Be Present”
  12. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya MITIGATE STRESS Coping Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    support systems #Ally-Up Run Interference Collective Bargaining Moral Support Ask others to help!
  13. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    celebrate milestones #GratefulFor Anniversaries Successes Failures
  14. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    know yourself #SelfAcceptance Culture (by birth) Nurture (by upbringing) Venture (by choice)
  15. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Self Care to Self-less Care Self-care cannot

    solve systemic issues! Credit: Flare.com / April 2019
  16. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya We need to destigmatize burdening others, normalize

    asking for help, and challenge ableism “Beyond Self-Care Bubble Baths: A Vision for Community Care” ~ Abeni Jones (Jul 2017)
  17. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Self-Care to Selfless-Care Stress Anxiety Depression Break

    the Stress, Self Esteem Cycle CONTROL 30-Days Declutter Help yourself Ask for help Help others COPE Refocus Ally-Up COMFORT Celebration Self-Acceptance
  18. #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya #SelfCare #RefactoringYou @nitya Thank You.. A Work

    In Progress: https://selfcare.dev Nitya Narasimhan, PhD | @nitya | #WSC2019 #SelfCare