Noémie El-Maawiy is the Head of Operations at Viaduct Generation.

Noémie (pronounced No-Amy) began her career in the fintech startup environment, specialising in Event Marketing and Communications. She later moved into Demand Generation, gaining full visibility into both online and offline marketing channels.

Since joining Viaduct Generation, Noémie has supported the agency to sustainably grow and is a strong ambassador of their mission to support underrepresented founders and their allies. Noémie hosts The Wise Build Bridges podcast, which platforms industry movers and shakers as well as highlights existing inequities within the system.

Alongside this, Noémie has always had a keen interest in company culture and fostering inclusive workplaces, getting involved and spearheading employee engagement initiatives. She was nominated as Employee of the Year at the Black Tech Achievement Awards 2023.

She is based in Barcelona and speaks English, French and Spanish.



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