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Page Rage

Page Rage

Storyboards for a film for a school assignment. The story is loosely based on the poem "Stomp" by Nikki Grimes and some elements of myself and my childhood. The film itself was sadly unfinished but I'm very proud of these storyboards.

Nurin Batrisyia

April 24, 2023


  1. The movie begins with A BLACK SCREEN. Faint sounds of

    people arguing. The arguing stops after a while. A crack of light opens, revealing Sarah - she opens the door to her bedroom, frustrated. Then she slams it closed. Sarah screams into pillow - shows Sarah’s emotions of being frustrated. Montage continued - she takes a pen off her bedside table… Start of Edgar Wright-style crash zoom montage - firstly, zooming into Sarah taking her journal out of her bag. Montage continued, last shot - she puts her journal on the bed.
  2. She draws a school hallway in her journal, leading into

    the NEXT SCENE - In-journal - Billy opens the door to the school hallway…. Zoom out to see that the school’s empty and looking abandoned. Billy looks around his surroundings. A door opens by itself - creeeaaaakkkk Billy knows that’s something’s off. The camera tilts as he continues looking around his surroundings, to some lockers -
  3. A locker SLAMS OPEN! There’s a notebook inside, foreshadowing Sarah’s

    arrival - that drawing says ‘you’re dead meat!’ Billy gets to the end of the hallway… …there’s someone else at the other end. Only their silhouette is visible. CRASH-ZOOM into Sarah, in a jumpsuit of sorts. Her Halloween costume. She looks serious. Scary. Billy laughs at this, calling her names - a speech bubble appears as he does that. The speech bubble becomes a PROJECTILE of sorts, launching straight at Sarah, surprising her.
  4. Recovering from the shock, she stares at the speech bubble,

    FOCUSED - -and SUPERHERO LANDING! An explosion behind her. Billy stares agape. His jaw drops. She’s too awesome for him to handle. He runs out the door. This bit in the journal ends. Sarah, in the ‘real world,’ closes her journal. THE END. -and LAUNCHES HERSELF UP IN THE AIR, KICKING THE BUBBLE, BREAKING IT -