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Vampire's First Date

January 05, 2021

Vampire's First Date

Vlad, an over-protective vampire brother, tries to get in the way of the boy taking his sister, Vonette, out on her very first date ever.


January 05, 2021

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  1. Scene 5 Panel 6 Dialog Vlad: Who would take a

    vampire to a spot known for their... Notes
  2. Scene 5 Panel 14 Dialog Waiter #2: How about our

    famous garlic bread cake? Notes
  3. Scene 6 Panel 3 Dialog Waiter #3 & #4: ...

    our Tower de Garlique? Notes
  4. Scene 7 Panel 4 Dialog Vlad: Last time I touched

    garlic... Notes Ripple Dissolve for flashback
  5. Scene 8 Panel 1 Dialog Vlad: Terrorizing is the best...

    Notes Night time outside during flashback
  6. Scene 9 Panel 1 Dialog Man #1: Hide thy kids

    and thy wives and kill that abomination! Notes
  7. Scene 12 Panel 4 Dialog Vlad: Stop getting distracted, Vlad!

    Your sister's heart is on the line! Notes
  8. Scene 15 Panel 6 Dialog Vonette: Can you excuse me

    for a moment? I'm just gonna freshen up. Notes
  9. Scene 16 Panel 6 Dialog Vlad: Let me go straight

    for the jugular, Airbud. Notes
  10. Scene 19 Panel 2 Dialog Vlad: And I'm here to

    make sure you don't... Notes
  11. Scene 20 Panel 2 Dialog Vlad: Touch my sis and

    you'll end up like this! Notes
  12. Scene 22 Panel 1 Dialog Rocko: No no no no

    don't please! Raisins arent very good looking! Notes
  13. Scene 30 Panel 2 Dialog Vlad: Sorry I ruined your

    first date ever, Vonette. Notes
  14. Scene 31 Panel 2 Dialog Vlad: No one will ever

    be good enough for you, V! Notes