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Oman Safari Tours


Your one stop tour operator in the Sultanate of Oman. We promise to offer high-quality tours with our selected & organized experts.
Muscat sightseeing
Historical Forts (Nizwa, Jabreen & Bahla)
Old Villages (Birkat Al Mouz, Mifah, & Al Hamra)
Markets (Nizwa Souqs, Mutthra Souq, Sinaw Souq & Ibra)
Mountain Safari (Jabel Shams, Jabel Akhdar, Bilad sait)
Desert Safari by 4x4 cars
Wadi Tours (Wadi Shab, Wadi Arbyeen, Wadi tiwi)
White Beaches (Masirah island, Fins beach, Al Ashkara)
Camping & Trekking
Crossing desert
Dolphin Watching, Dhow cruise & Snorkeling
Explore islands (Masirah & Dimaniyat island)


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