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My first computer appeared when I was 11 years old. My father brought the system unit a few months before my twelfth birthday, but on my holiday I had to pretend that it had just been presented to me.

Previously, there was some kind of "bank" with 64 megabytes of video memory in the apartment, but even the parents did not take it seriously. So in my life, she did not occupy any significant place. Sometimes I was allowed to play Carmageddon 2 or Colin Mcrae Rally 04, but no more.

After the appearance of a serious computer, I started buying pirated discs in the market not far from my home: 100 rubles per disc. One of the first games was Bioshock 2, the Mass Effect dilogy, Empire: Total War, Blur and Split / Second - those that are etched into my memory.

I read Igromania, watched Videomania, sometimes bought LCI and PC Gamer. I read the episodes and knew which games were good and which were not. Due to the rating system, I even developed a squeamish attitude towards games with a score below 8 points, which I still cannot get rid of.

In the sixth grade, friends invited me to play in the computer club at online games on Desura. I didn’t know how to play shooters and didn’t want to wait for the next round to respawn after death. He often died and was a burden to the team.

Despite the setbacks in the computer club, I later downloaded CS: Source through eMule, a file-sharing service for a local provider. Everyone affectionately called him "Donkey". So he began to spend his hour playing games a day on network gunfights.

Friends ditched Source for the Korean MMOFPS Point Blank. During the whole break, they talked about how you can open guns there, play for women, they said that it was "like a counter, but even cooler."

I was hooked too. I downloaded Fogeymovskiy Zapadatr and turned on the game without much hope, because Igromania had already given its 6.5 points. But after the game, I went to bed with the thought: "How can I return to this wonderful world?"

It was a delight. A fast and agile character, helmets and masks with a certain chance save the head from a headshot and soar into the air, a character pumping tree with useful perks and cool guns. But the main thing is Kriss Super V. The only weapon in the game with which you could shoot in Macedonian style (then I still did not understand why the players were so indignant when someone activated two-handed shooting). I was lost in this game.

Probably the most famous fragment of Point Blank once defined my musical taste, and I dreamed of footage from it for a long time:

But he played badly. Statistically, I had 47% murders for 53% of deaths, while my best friend had a solid 54%, and the head of our gang had a crazy 60+.

His first nickname was written by CAPSOM, the second - by LesEnkoy, and stepped on all the rake of a novice shooter player. I played at a very high sensitivity, choosing bad guns and positions on the map. Donatil. I even bought an account once, but I was deceived.

When I changed school, I continued to communicate only with my best friend, and I got tired of Point Blank.

I began to spend more time playing singles and co-op games again. I started saving money to improve my PC.

But one warm spring evening my best friend sent a video, after which my life was again divided into "before" and "after". This was the Warface trailer.

Delightful trailer. Then in 2012 my brain exploded - different classes, cool graphics from the authors of Crysis (then I did not know that Warface was made by the Kiev studio Crytek, not Frankfurt) and a free-to-play system.

At the end of May I registered and played for the first time. Boosts, tackles, changing modules on weapons, a random system of opening items - this was the game of my dreams. The necromancer medic who resurrects people with bullet wounds in the forehead with a defibrillator has become my favorite.


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