Anthony Bell


Everyone knows about the drink and drive issues and what can be its consequences and penalties. Owi, dui, are different terms related with drunken drive law and they are interchangable as well. This law is driven by each state and the rules may differ from each other but the motive is same.The legal limit for drinking and driving is .08% blood alcohol content in each state. The name of offence and legal charges may differ from state to state but it is treated as an offense.

Many people want to know that what is Owi? It is an abbreviated form of operating vehile while intoxicated means using the vehicle when the person is affected by the alcohol. This is illegal and government needs to know that you were impaired or not. If you were not hamful and didn’t affect any person then your penalties can be a little lighter. The rules of penalties may differ from one state to another and all depends on the law. Owi is not legal and one should not drive after consuming alcohol because it affects driving and can be dangerous for so many people.

No matter where have you been caught while driving in drunken stage, consequences are same whether you are impaired with alcohol, drugs or combination of the two. The penalties can be in many forms like jail, probation, fines and court case, impoundment, losing driving privilages and other punishments Read More. Ignition interlock device can be attached with your vehicle, so that you can not start if you are drunk. Before starting the vehicle, driver has to blow in the device and if it finds more that .08% traces then it will not even start. It can affects your life so its better to take a cab if you wants to drink This One. A small mistake can lead to many different harmful stages.

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