Completed a master's degree at graduate school of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. Engaged in a bio-logging study on behavioral ecology of penguins and seabirds under professor Katsufumi Sato at Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo.
Joined Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. after completion of graduate school and experienced a planning of Internet-based services, product design, new business development, etc. Worked on service strategy, feature implementation, UI/UX review, etc. and through producing services, won multiple awards within Recruit Holdings.
After leaving Recruit Holdings and worked as a product manager at two start-up companies, founded RABO, Inc. on February 22nd (the "Cat Day" in Japan) in 2018. Has an experience of raising cats for over 20 years, and is currently living with two cats: 2-year-old boy "Burimaru" (Short-haired Somali) and 8-month-old boy "Odenchan" (Bengal).
A certified cat care specialist and cat sitter (certified by Japan Pet License Association).