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For women, having beautiful hair adds up to their confidence. However, suffering from hair thinning and hair loss can be gradually devastating. A lot of them experience hair thinning while some minority suffers from hair loss. Some people wonder what caused their condition and are stuck with theories of how it happened. To remove those misconceptions and help you know more about the condition, read on.

  • Stress can cause hair loss in women.

When women experience severe stress, hair loss occurs as soon as stress happened and hair growth usually starts right after three months. The condition worsens if the family has a history of baldness. So what could possibly be the solution to this? It is to spare some time to relax.

  • The wrong diet can cause hair loss in women.

There are some franchised diet programs that are lacking of vitamins essential for hair growth. Also, these types of diets usually lack fat and as per reports, not enough fat in the body can cause hair loss by as much as 68%.

  • Pregnancy can cause hair loss in women.

In this case, hair loss usually happens after delivery. During the pregnancy phase, hair stays in the resting phase so post-pregnancy hair loss is common. This type of hair loss usually disappears in a matter of three to four months. If you happen to be losing hair during pregnancy, this may be caused by a couple of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

  • Beauty products can cause hair loss.

In the market, a lot of beauty products are sold. Each one promises to deliver an excellent result but most of the time, they end up giving us disappointing results. If you love to try out a lot of products in your hair, the chances of hair loss and thinning can be high so it is always good to try a reliable shampoo for hair growth. this shampoo can help you fight against hair loss.

  • Hormones can cause hair loss.

A common cause for the female pattern baldness can be hormonal imbalance. DHT, a hormone that is usually found in men can also be found in women but in a minimal amount. However, when this interacts with ultra-sensitive hair follicles, it may cause women to start losing hair like how men do.

Women who are experiencing hair loss can feel an intense feeling of frustration and embarrassment. There are a lot of factors that can affect hair. Some are controllable while some are not. If you are not experiencing this yet, it is good to know a lot about the factors and learn how to act proactively to prevent it from happening. If you happen to be experiencing it right now, worry not because there are still reliable companies with excellent products that can help. You can try some shampoos designed to prevent hair loss and facilitate hair growth. There will be a lot of options to choose from so to narrow your choices, you can research about their client feedback and recommendation.

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