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Media kit Felipe, o pequeno viajante 2015

Media kit Felipe, o pequeno viajante 2015

Felipe, o pequeno viajante

January 16, 2015


  1. Media kit

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  2. Felipe, the little traveler is our family travel blog. We are a
    brazilian family travelling the world and blogging about all
    the wonderful places we’ve been to with our 5 year old kid.
    We’ve been blogging for more than 5 years now and our focus
    is on families, adventure, independent travel, beach and snow
    destinations all over the world. We aim to help and inspire
    other brazilian families to travel more and better with their
    kids to not well known places, having been to 67 countries so
    The little traveler has been featured in many newspapers,
    magazines, books, online media, TV and radio shows in Brazil.
    Our former partners include: Walt Disney World, Hostelling
    International, Sea World, Legoland, Adria Motors, Continental
    Hotels, Sunscape Resorts, My Assistance Insurance and so on.

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  3. Social media:
    Facebook /felipeopequenoviajante - 6500+
    Twitter /pequenoviajante - 700+
    Instagram /claudiarodriguespegoraro - 3300+
    YouTube /marlonpegoraro76 - 74 videos – 56000+ views
    Klout score – 67
    Blog @Blogger stats:
    Pageviews/month – 92000+
    Posts – 970+
    Thank you for considering the little traveler as a partner.
    Please contact Claudia Rodrigues: [email protected]

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