Iranian Yellow Pages - Advertising on Iranian Yellow Pages (PersiaPage)
Iranian Internet yellow pages

The world is moving fast and with technological advancements, most people are embracing the internet like never before.
This can mainly be attributed to its availability and the convenience that it serves when especially searching for information.
Welcome to the world of Internet Yellow Pages.
This form of yellow pages is not available on print media but published on the web.
There are many Iranian businesses that can be found on any of the Iranian Yellow Pages. It works like the printed yellow pages only that it can be accessed online.
It is commonly referred to as the IYP for Internet yellow pages.
Why advertise on Iranian Internet yellow pages ( PersiaPage.Com)

Many companies spend a good amount of resources on marketing stints.
It is the best way to get to potential clients to tell them the services that you are offering.
The Iranian business directory offers you this golden opportunity to gain massive exposure and probably skyrocket your company’s Return on Investment (ROI).
Here is why the opportunity is golden.
Huge online traffic
In 2010, the term yellow pages were reported by a plethora of analysts to be among the top 5 revenue earners in Google’s AdWords program. A year later, Experian/Hitwise compiled a report that implicated that Yellow pages were on the top 50 earner keywords. This one shows how well a business can be positioned by simply getting on Internet Yellow pages. Let me explain.

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