LifeWatch: Collaboration opportunities with GBIF

LifeWatch: Collaboration opportunities with GBIF

Talk at the GBIF European Nodes meeting in Brussels, Belgium - April 9, 2014.

Presenting LifeWatch, LifeWatch Belgium, and LifeWatch INBO with a focus on the collaboration opportunities with GBIF.


Peter Desmet

April 09, 2014


  1. LifeWatch   Collabora0on  opportuni0es     with  GBIF   Peter

  2. LifeWatch  Europe  

  3. European   Infrastructure  for  biodiversity  and   ecosystem  research  

  4. Distributed  virtual  lab   Observatories,  data  repositories,     web

     services,  modelling  tools  
  5. Large  scale   Data  capture,  data  analysis,   collabora0on  

  6. Central  and   common   facili0es   Regional   services

      Regional   services   Regional   services   Regional   services   Regional   services  
  7. 7  par0cipa0ng  countries   Belgium,  Greece,  Hungary,  Italy,  Spain,  

    Sweden,  The  Netherlands  
  8. LifeWatch  Belgium  

  9. Federal  

  10. Antarc0c  biodiversity  portal   Species  occurrence  data  

  11. Walloon/Brussels  region   Université  de  Louvain  

  12. Large  scale  remote  sensing  

  13. Reference  datasets   Fire,  snow,  vegeta0on,  sun  

  14. Flemish  region   Flanders  Marine  Ins0tute  (VLIZ)   Research  Ins0tute

     for  Nature  and   Forest  (INBO)  
  15. Taxonomic  backbone   Unified  access  to  standardized     species

  16. Taxonomic  backbone   Funding  to  complete  gaps  in  data  

    Interoperability  via  webservices  
  17. EurOBIS   Species  occurrence  data  

  18. Research  vessel   Marine  observatory  

  19. Zooscan   Automa0c  zooplankton  detec0on  

  20. Phytoplankton  flow  cytometer   Automa0c  phytoplankton  sampling   and  detec0on

  21. LifeWatch  INBO  

  22. Terrestrial  and  freshwater   Observatory  

  23. Unmanned  Aerial  System   High  resolu0on  imaging  for  habitat  

  24. Fish  tracking  network   100+  acous0c  tags  and  receivers  

    Species  occurrence  data    
  25. Bird  radar   Automa0c  bird  detec0on  in  5km  range  

    Species  occurrence  data  
  26. Bird  tracking  network   Lightweight,  solar  powered  GPS  tags  

    Species  occurrence  data  
  27. We  are  genera0ng  data   And  want  to  collaborate  on

  28. Fish  Informa0on  system  (VIS)   20  years  of  fish  research

  29. 440.000+   Fish  occurrences  

  30. Standardize   As  Darwin  Core  

  31. Document   Metadata  in  EML  

  32. Publish  via  IPT  

  33. Register  with  GBIF   Discoverability  

  34. GBIF  webservices   For  free!  Would  like  to  collaborate  

  35. Bird  tracking  network   500.000  occurrence  records  

  36. None
  37. None
  38. CartoDB   lifewatch-­‐  

  39. CartoDB  API   We  can  build  our  own  tools  

  40. Tracking  data  on  GBIF   Discoverability,  central  hub  for  

    biodiversity  data  
  41. Open  data   This  is  not  our  data  

  42. CC0  +  norms   Allow  data  to  be  used  

  43. Build  a  community   Around  the  data  

  44. Blog  

  45. None
  46. Open  issues   So  users  can  be  informed    

    and  contribute  
  47. Collabora0ve  metadata   Markdown  paper  with  VC  

  48. Open  documenta0on   Collaborate  on  best  prac0ces  

  49. Peter  Desmet   Thanks   @LifeWatchINBO