Plant Factory Technologies


PFT enables high-value crops grown in vertical farms to reach their maximum genetic potential in terms of yields and healthy components concentration.

Among the company's technological advances are a high-pressure aeroponics solution that saves 99% of water providing plants with a balanced amount of nutrition, adaptive controlled lightingsaving electricity and giving an optimum spectrum for each plant, systems of infrastructure management (automatization) and digital control. It makes production not just high-yielding, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, production is waste-free.
The company is actively expanding its R&D department collaborating with one of the key specialized units in its region - the St. Petersburg Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As part of this cooperation, we are jointly developing prototypes of automation and robotization tools for production processes and constantly conducting scientific research to develop the quality and quantity of grown products.

Since 2nd half of 2021 R&D for processing into functional ingredients was launched in association with New Organics Oy in Finland and Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg.

Our goal is to create sustainable and independent vertically integrated industries in different regions. From equipment, IT solutions and seeds to ready-made greens and processed products for pharma, functional food and cosmetics. PFT is interested in partnerships with manufacturers from these areas, including the attraction of investment in joint production facilities and R&D centers.

The company's mission is to provide pioneering solutions for the healthcare of people, especially those suffering from serious illnesses such as diabetes, autism, and breast cancer. We plan to contribute to the production of appropriate medications.


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