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Friedrich Lindenberg

April 21, 2016

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  1. Why data.occrp.org? • Support ongoing investigations to quickly survey material.

    • Make our collective source material searchable. • Become systematic about persons of interest. • NOT: All of OCCRP’s data needs. There’s also data vault and other tools.
  2. What does data. do? • Makes Word documents, PDF files,

    Spreadsheets, Databases and Email archives searchable. • Recognises text in images (OCR). • Controls who can see what documents. • Keeps a list of alerts (“saved searches”) • Checks against a list of people we’re interested in.
  3. Search operators • Exact matches: “Vladimir Putin” • Boolean operators:

    +aliyev -ilham • Logical links: aliyev AND (ilham OR mehriban) • Proximity: "Bank America"~2 • Spelling errors: aliyew~
  4. More demos: • Using alerts (and getting rid of them)

    • Cross-referencing documents and persons of interest
  5. Getting data in! • Leaks, source docs! • Gazettes, Company

    DBs, Property, Procurement, Blacklists, Sanctions, Court docs, … • Persons of interest! • We can keep a secret :)