Digitial Research Tools for Investigative Reporters

Digitial Research Tools for Investigative Reporters

ICFJ Webinar. For more information, visit http://pudo.org/projects/invtools/.


Friedrich Lindenberg

December 09, 2014


  1. DIGITAL RESEARCH TOOLS for Investigative Reporters / 9.12.2014 / #icfjdigital

  2. Intro Friedrich Lindenberg (@pudo) Knight International Journalism Fellow Technologist with

    Code for Africa, ANCIR Building tools for investigative reporters
  3. Agenda Digital Research Tools Why does it matter? Some examples

    What is still missing?
  4. A word on computer literacy

  5. What tools? Investigate people and companies Search for data on

    specific topics Sift through sets of documents Understand data in tables
  6. Ukraine in February A team of investigative reporters discover Victor

    Yanukovych’s personal documents (in his lake)
  7. How can we… … digitise the documents? … share and

    search? … let readers tag documents? … find mentions of people, companies, dates, money? … see how companies and people relate?
  8. #1 : DocumentCloud and Overview Manage, share, search and explore

    large sets of documents http://documentcloud.org | http://overviewproject.org http://sourceafrica.net
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  11. –An investigative reporter “We're working with 40 GB of XXX

    and would like to search within the documents for certain keywords (like XXX) so we can identify XXX. Ideally we should be able to tag the docs..”
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  14. #2 : OpenCorporates and DueDil Finding information on registered companies

    and their directors. http://opencorporates.com | http://duedil.com
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  18. #3 : Investigative Dashboard Request company information from commercial databases

    and conduct on-the-ground research. https://investigativedashboard.org/
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  21. #4 : Tabula Get data out of PDF files. http://tabula.technology/

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  24. Why should I use these tools? find better information access

    obscured data recognize patterns … and how? pick one, make it your own http://bit.ly/icfjdigital
  25. Agenda Manage evidence for your story Build an investigative memory

    Merge data from many places Alerts for a person or company
  26. Agenda http://bit.ly/icfjdigital