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A developer's perspective on entrepreneurship

Paul McMahon
June 02, 2014

A developer's perspective on entrepreneurship

Paul McMahon

June 02, 2014


  1. A developer's perspective on entrepreneurship
 Tips for starting your own

    business Paul McMahon Doorkeeperגࣜձࣾ @pwim
  2. About Myself • Came to Japan on Working Holiday Visa

    and got job as developer at small Japanese company in 2006 • Founded consultancy in 2008 • Founded Doorkeeperגࣜձࣾ in 2013
  3. Start by Freelancing • Similar to a salaried position in

    that you are exchanging your time as a resource for money • Unlike salaried position, you only get paid when the company needs you, so you get paid more per unit of time • Good opportunity to practice customer development, negotiation, and other business skills
  4. Don’t make a company unless you need one • You

    can get pretty far on ݸਓࣄۀ (sole proprietorship) • A company has higher overhead and more complex taxation • You can self-sponsor an engineering visa with sole proprietorship (more kosher then having a company you create it) • http://www.tokyodev.com/2014/04/17/creating- company-japan/
  5. If you do make a web app, make it paid

    only • This forces you to build something that is actually valuable • Do customer development before software development • Get 10+ people to commit to paying you $50+/ month • Having less users is a good thing when you’re starting out
  6. Learn from others • Famous entrepreneurs aren’t so useful (you’re

    not going to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg) • I find developers who have had small scale success more relevant: see Jason Cohen, Rob Walling, and Patrick McKenzie • http://www.tokyodev.com/2014/04/10/resources- developers-business/