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"My big gay adventure. Making, releasing and selling an indie game made in python." by Luke Miller

PyCon 2014
April 13, 2014

"My big gay adventure. Making, releasing and selling an indie game made in python." by Luke Miller

PyCon 2014

April 13, 2014


  1. My Big Gay Adventure Making, releasing and selling an indie

    game made in python.
  2. welcome to dodgyville Luke Miller twitter.com/dodgyville [email protected]

  3. Today (My) game design aims Using pyvida to make a

    point-and-click Releasing Publicising
  4. Fun gay science fiction adventures

  5. 2D point-and-click adventure ala LucasArts and Telltale Day of the

    Tentacle, Space Quest, Sam and Max, BTTF (3D)
  6. Scifi adventure Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who, Space:1999

  7. Gay, gay-themed, openly gay, not as gay as Call of

    Duty Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Melbourne gay bar culture
  8. Released December 2012 as digital download. You play as Captain

    Tycho Minogue, brought out of retirement to face an invasion fleet led by your ex- boyfriend.
  9. Nonpornographic, serious attempt at a commercial game. It's paying the

  10. Why Lack of same-sex love interests in scifi A gay-theme

    implies a gay story Point-and-click great for narrative, casual 2D "Disney-style" non-threatening, fun, colourful, lends itself to comedy
  11. Before we go any further The sum is greater than

    the parts Art, tech and interest all work together, baked in How the components fit together and compliment each other is the craft of game developing
  12. What should indie game developers aim for?

  13. Entertainment Game must be enjoyable to play gameplay, the beat,

    high/low points, rewards, push/pull, controls/interface
  14. Quality Game must be polished bugfree, complete, menus, goodlooking

  15. Interest Game must be interesting to others will want (vs

    want), delight, intrigue, stories
  16. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant Entertaining - PnC, comedy, tips,

    gameplay Quality - complete package Interesting - compelling for gay men*, press**
  17. Let's make a game https://github.com/dodgyville/pyvida

  18. Write your own adventure Tycho enters the foyer. There is

    a guard at the door. There is a steady drip from a small crack in the dome. Tycho widens the crack, causing a flood. The guard leaves his post to plug the crack, leaving the door unguarded. Go inside, destroy the machine.
  19. Entertaining, quality, interesting? Bake it in at every level

  20. Basics of pyvida simplicity, feedback, runs anywhere A stage mentality

    Scenes Actors Items Portals Test driven mentality "The play is written first, then acted". look at [x] interact with [x] use [x] on [y] Actor.says Actor.goto Actor.do
  21. game[1-2].py

  22. pyvida smart layout main.py data/actors/ data/fonts/ data/items/ data/locale/ data/music/ data/portals/

    data/scenes/ data/sfx/ saves/ game.smart()
  23. game3.py

  24. Test driven development tail -f saves/pyvida.log python game3.py -a -s

    end -x
  25. tests, walkthroughs, help but ... python game3.py -s end -H

    -x -w and a mea culpa
  26. So the preferred pyvida workflow Write, step-by-step directions, build sets,

    get actors, write game scripts
  27. Accessibility People don't have accessibility issues, software has accessibility issues

    vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive
  28. Game accessibility guidelines http://gameaccessibilityguidelines.com/

  29. Commercial benefits of including source selling point, accessibility, longer life,

    bug fixes, promotes open ecosystem
  30. Game code is only a small part

  31. The tools google docs/drive python 2.7 / pygame (pyglet?) /

    pyvida github.org trello.com game scripts packaging py2exe&py2app&bash aws bmtmicro
  32. Packaging game2exe.py + innoset py2app + create_dmg source archive +

    zenity install.sh 1 config file, 3 build scripts
  33. Updating Auto-update would be ideal but checking for updates is

    OK too (you'll never launch 100% perfect)
  34. Website + Trailer Your website is your game's values in

    miniature - the first act of your game Entertaining, quality, interesting
  35. Digital download stores bmtmicro, humble store, indie bundles, desura, gog,

    steam the long tail, sales started picking up six months after release
  36. The death of the author You have no control over

    how people receive your game feedback, journalists, review copies, reviews, hero swag, play this, community politics, tangential media, third party advocacy
  37. *Feedback Thank you for a wonderful game playing experience, and

    the fact that it was a 'gay game' made it ever so much more enjoyable for this gay player. - John I'd like to compliment you on the game, My Ex-boyfriend the Space Tyrant. I enjoyed the artwork, the tongue-in- cheekiness, and the sense of a campy space-adventure. It's nice to have a gay-centric game, especially since most games are heavily influenced to appeal to the straight guy- gamer. - Jason It's a whole lot of fun, as a gay guy this is the game I've wanted to play all my life! - Brian
  38. Negative feedback I have friends that are gay and work

    daily to fight the type of prejudice that things like this create. Down voting just for being a cancer to their own cause. Every game I saw on Greenlight, I gave it a yes, but I can't give a yes to this shit, sorry but the game shouldn't be on steam, I really hate it ! Umm... Well thats one way to scar a small child for life. This game makes me want to projectile vommet... If it did not, then I would be gay, but I am not gay.
  39. **Press Gay (a few) eg towleroad.com Local Gay (a few)

    samesame.com.au Local (hardly any) eg theage.com.au Local Gamer (a few) eg blackpanel.com.au Gay Gamer (a lot) eg gaygamer.net Pop culture (a lot) eg polygon.com theverge.com cinemablend.com and many more Gamer (a few) eg kotaku.com Social Networks (a lot) twitter, facebook, youtube, google+
  40. Lessons learned the hard way 3 fast ones

  41. Only gamers are interested in games and the gaming press

    is straight (not a criticism)
  42. $10 price point for indie games

  43. Great ideas become good ideas become boring ideas

  44. Kickstarter a lot of work, have a community, gameplay footage,

    kickstarter network (inc. swaps), realistic tiers, viable stretch goals
  45. Applying the lessons second game second version of pyvida sharing

    some of advanced ideas
  46. More entertaining shorter sections, bigger ideas, and ... gayer gameplay

  47. Higher quality More tests, more testers, mature engine, co- writer,

    same artists
  48. More interesting: Code as art presentation, content, value adding [main.py]

  49. def setup_queue(game, x, y, num_of_actors=6): “”” Create the NPCs for

    the aqueue set-piece “”” for i in range(0, num_of_actors): spaceperson = create_spaceman(game, name="cosmonaut%i"%i) game.add(spaceperson) point = (x, y + random.randint(-15, 15)) rocketpilot = spaceperson rocketpilot.relocate("aqueue", point) rocketpilot.ai = False x += random.randint(120, 180)
  50. So I hope this presentation has given you some ideas

    on taking your own game idea from dream to reality pycon-au Brisbane August 2014
  51. Thanks for listening!