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Farewell and Welcome Home, Python in Two Genders by Naomi_Ceder

PyCon 2014
April 13, 2014

Farewell and Welcome Home, Python in Two Genders by Naomi_Ceder

PyCon 2014

April 13, 2014

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  1. Disclaimer: The opinions and life described are my own. I

    make no other warranties, either expressed or implied
  2. It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to

    be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist. ~Laverne Cox
  3. When I was born in a small town in Nebraska

    the doctor declared, “it’s a boy!” He was wrong.
  4. I was transgender sometime before I was born my brain

    chemistry/structure had been set to female
  5. I didn't really understand at first, but eventually I learned

    about transsexuals... I decided that I could not let this be me...
  6. (we will never, ever speak of this image again) I

    struggled to fit in as boy, so I was a geeky kid I made telescopes that was very odd… but acceptable
  7. Many years passed... I discovered Open Source Software I started

    a LUG I learned Python (we will never speak of this image again, either)
  8. It was with me every hour of every day. I

    came to think that death was my only way out... but I wasn’t dying fast enough.
  9. But transition meant giving up the community, the talks, PyCon,

    and the rest that made me sad but I had to move forward
  10. Then I started to think... how could I stay in

    the community? what if I transitioned openly?
  11. There were codes of conduct people seemed supportive I decided

    to take the chance to transition as openly as possible
  12. the summit went well people were supportive the more open

    I was, the easier it was (for others as well as myself) The community’s commitment to diversity is real
  13. I am (almost always) the only (openly) trans person in

    the room I am not “real” I have become a thing, a curiosity People are sometimes embarrassed to be seen with me I have lost friends, family, a career
  14. My life, my experiences, my emotions are often the punchline

    of a joke Most states won’t protect my right to work, enter a store, go to the bathroom, or get medical care I’m much more likely to be beaten up… or worse
  15. This is the price I pay to be who I

    am. I wouldn’t change if I could.
  16. I have seen things others haven’t as both male and

    female, as both privileged and marginalized.
  17. I’ve come to know other women in tech scary smart

    women women who aren't always recognized women who don't always feel welcome women who don't always feel safe I was a newcomer in a world I thought I knew
  18. I am now often the only woman in the room

    I am now “invisible” I am now ALWAYS judged by my appearance I can no longer assume personal security Double standards are now the norm: as a woman I’m simultaneously “too nice” and “unapproachable”
  19. If you object to (or even just report) something, you

    are: “angry” and hurting “your own cause” “bullying” or starting a “witch hunt” “asking for it”
  20. In the business world there is a “business case” for

    diversity: diverse groups solve problems better skilled team members are precious
  21. In the open source (and Python) community shouldn’t the same

    business case hold? Doesn’t “Open” imply inclusion and diversity?
  22. So what do “we” want/need? Understand that everyone’s different Listen

    Codes of Conduct matter Outreach matters Allies matter Safe spaces matter