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Railfans in North Korea

Scott Robinson
June 27, 2012

Railfans in North Korea

A Pecha Kucha that I've stopped giving because people kept crying at the end.

Scott Robinson

June 27, 2012


  1. Helmut Uttenthaler is my hero because he loves trains. His

    hobby and profession: the Austrian Federal Railways He is a railfan. His first hobby is trains, (then travel, nature, hiking, “and so on.”)
  2. Railfan, rail buff (American English), railway enthusiast, railway buff (Australian/British

    English), or trainspotter a person interested in a recreational capacity in rail transport.
  3. A trainfan, like Helmut and his swiss friend Oliver, will

    travel from Vienna to North Korea. North Korea: brutal, belligerent, totalitarian, military dictatorship with a personality cult.
  4. Brutal, belligerent, totalitarian, military dictatorship with a personality cult around:

    Great Leader, Eternal President, Kim Il-Sung Formerly at war with the United Nations (especially the US, UK, Japan, and South Korean “puppet government”)
  5. Got a NK visa. Look as official as Indian driver’s

    licenses. A Korean man in jogging clothes and slippers let me in, gave passport, application, photo and 10 euro. He disappeared, came back 5 minutes later, returned passport with a visa, and wished my a nice trip.
  6. Arrive in Irkutsk With 10272 km the Moscow - Pyongyang

    sleeping car is now the longest direct train connection in the world. Total travel time from Moscow to Pyongyang is 211 hours
  7. The Russian / Korean border. Helmutt almost didn’t get though!

    But the Russian border agents harassed the North Korean border agents until they let him across.
  8. The mass games. A field of 80,000 gymnists and a

    wall of 30,000 children— each one a pixel.