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Quantas Labs pitchdeck by Alex Pourquery

Alex Pourquery
November 22, 2023

Quantas Labs pitchdeck by Alex Pourquery

Explore the Quantas Labs pitch deck by Alex Pourquery, showcasing Al-driven solutions that redefine the landscape of geoscience with its Erosion Impact Predictor, a game changer in environmental tech innovation.

Alex Pourquery

November 22, 2023

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  1. Driving innovation at Quantas Labs that combines the best of

    global expertise and local delivery PROJECT EARTHWISE: WHO VISIONARY SUPPORT DELIVERY SUPPORT ALEX Alexander Pourquery Founder & CEO Recognized with the European Youth Award and as a One Young World Scholar, is advancing AI solutions for global environmental challenges. Nominated for the UN 2024 SDG Young Leader, he drives innovation at Quantas, shaping a sustainable future. Partner Faisal Al-Rajhi A seasoned venture patron with over two decades of experience, is a pivotal partner of Quantas Labs. Contributing $300K USD, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the KSA market's dynamics.
  2. Our understanding of your context and objectives PROJECT EARTHWISE :

    CONTEXT & OBJECTIVES Design approach, framework and customer experience for business growth Identify pragmatic, actionable product, process and tech opportunities Highlight key success considerations (e.g., Ensure the effectiveness of our AI models by continuous iteration in diverse environments) Quantas 2023 key financial highlights $550,000 2023 FUNDING ROUNDS 70% PROJECTED ANNUAL GROWTH RATE 1st INNOVATION LEADER IN AI-DRIVEN EROSION PREDICTION AMBITION SAUDI ARABIA EGYPT KAZAKHSTAN 20% REDUCTION IN EROSION ANAYISIS COSTS FOR CLIENTS Quantas seeks a strategic partner who can support the expansion into new markets with expertise in land management and environmental sustainability Quantas Ambition for Expansion Quantas has been providing AI-driven erosion impact forecasts, helping clients across several sectors in land management. 2023 plan to forge strategic alliances with leading agricultural bodies and environmental authorities across the Middle East to advance our erosion prediction models and services. Deepen relationships with Middle Eastern clients by offering enhanced services, including bespoke real-time monitoring systems, comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, and specialized consultative support. Focus on key sectors for its initial expansion phase: agriculture, urban development and critical infrastructure as some priority sectors. Current assets, and progress to date ⇢ Developed a proprietary database of geological and climate patterns ⇢ Currently scaling up the team with expertise in AI, geosciences and software development, aiming to further advance predictive capabilities Ambition to innovate upon our existing models on hyper-localized forecasting with a tailored approach for the Al-Qassim region, optimizing water resource management and land-use planning Sustainability initiatives Plans are underway to launch sustainability initiatives that integrate our erosion prediction models with green infrastructure projects. ALEX
  3. We bring a holistic growth framework and clear hypotheses specific

    to global environmental sustainability, to deliver on Quantas’ Vision Specifically, we focus on the key areas below as part of the operationalization of its global expansion strategy. PROJECT EARTHWISE: FRAMEWORK & HYPOTHESES Quantas model Adapted for you Vision and ambition Fintech & Ecosystems • Partnering with agri-fintech startups for innovative financing solutions in sustainable land development Transformation Office • Implementing agile project management for the rapid rollout of enhanced models and services Clients & Sectors Payments & Cash • Developing a financial strategy to fund R&D Lending & Treasury • Exploring green financing options to support environmentally friendly projects Trade & SC Financing • Innovating with trade and supply chain partners on eco- sustainable projects Organisation & People • Diverse team • Multidisciplinary • Customer-centric Finance, Treasury & Tax • Optimizing resource allocation for growth and R&D in sustainable technology Risk, Regulatory Compliance • Ensuring compliance with international environmental protection laws and guidelines Operations • Streamlining data collection and analysis processes for efficiency and scalability Technology • Enhancing predictive model capabilities Data & Advanced Analytics • Utilizing AI-driven analytics to provide clients with actionable insights for erosion risk management ►DIMENSIONS ►KEY PRINCIPLES Strategy & ambition: Where to play Business model & go-to-market: How to win Target Operating Model (TOM): How to keep winning Target Operating Model (TOM): Critical cost and growth enablers Steering the company with clear KPIs linked to erosion control impact and client satisfaction. Value-centric offerings with client-focused innovation that aligns with specific challenges. Remain agile in go-to- market strategies, ensuring Quantas is not just a participant but a trendsetter. Implement scalable operations through automation, without compromising quality of forecasts and customer service. 4 Project EARTHWISE: Model ALEX • Identifying high-risk erosion zones worldwide for targeted AI model deployment • Agribusiness • Urban planners • Infrastructure developers
  4. We outline the key actions Quantas should prioritize for implementation

    as part of its global expansion strategy. PROJECT EARTHWISE: FRAMEWORK & HYPOTHESES 01 CLIENTS & SECTORS Prioritise engagement with the Gulf Cooperation Council's agricultural federations, leveraging hyperlocal erosion data analytics to enhance crop yield in arid climates 02 CLIENTS & SECTORS Deepen market penetration by aligning with mega- projects such as NEOM in Saudi Arabia, integrating Quantas’ predictive erosion control models with urban planning blueprints 05 TECHNOLOGY Bifurcated platform strategy: EarthWise for entreprise clients and EcoStream for small-scale users seeking accessible erosion monitoring tools 06 TECHNOLOGY Quantas to offer Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-compliant APIs, fostering integration with smart irrigation systems 07 OPERATING MODEL Adapt a flexible and agile organizational structure that allows for rapid adaptation to environmental data and client needs 08 RISK & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Ensure our operations and services comply with environmental regulations and standards, emphasizing data privacy and security. 03 OPERATING MODEL Develop an AI-enhanced Client Relationship System, complete with geospatial capabilities, leveraging partnerships with regional GIS powerhouses such as Bayanat for Mapping 04 PRODUCTS Launch the 'GeoShield' suite: an array of smart, sensor- laden drones and satellite relays, for real-time erosion monitoring and terrain stability assessments across MENA's diverse topographies ALEX
  5. A critical path for key activities for this initial 24-week

    phase. PROJECT EARTHWISE: TIMELINES Successfully launch EarthWise and EcoStream, ensuring alignment with market needs and stakeholder expectations 01 02 03 04 05 6 ADCB Project Sierra: EY technical proposal WEEKS 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 Program governance ceremonies Change & Delivery Assurance ⇢ Develop EarthWise and EcoStream ⇢ Conduct a comprehensive launch readiness assessment Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance Framework ⇢ Set up compliance mechanisms in line with international environmental protocols ⇢ Implement policies and procedures for standard operating protocols and regulatory compliance ⇢ Finalize SOPs for data security and privacy compliance; User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for risk management system Product & Customers Model / MVP Launch Plan and Roadmap ⇢ Detail the MVP features for EarthWise focusing on enterprise clients and EcoStream for smaller-scale users Target Operating Model ⇢ Draft operational workflows that align with the agile development methodology outlined in previous slides Technology & Data Platform ⇢ Continue building the API ecosystem mentioned previously Establish a robust framework that supports Quantas’ commitment to ethical AI and environmental stewardship Deliver tailored solutions to both enterprise and small-scale clients, focusing on sustainable land management First cut of Products for Priority Clients Prepare for user accepted testing Develop EarthWise and EcoStream Refine framework based on initial feedback Initial set of business processes and governance First cut of design requirements (i.e., core banking) Design an API-enabled open Technology & Data platform, able to support rapid innovation Implement an operating model that supports rapid innovation and adaptable customer service strategies 5 Key outputs SPRINT 1 SPRINT 2 SPRINT 3 ALEX Summary of our approach:
  6. Market: Quantas articulates a clear and differentiating value proposition PRODUCTS

    AND CUSTOMERS: OUR POINT OF VIEW: MARKET Increasing demand for sustainable land management solutions driven by global environmental changes Rising concerns over climate change Growth in eco-conscious regulatory policies worldwide Pivot to AI integration Evolving Needs for Advanced Environmental Analytics ~$1.5T The estimated value of the global environmental monitoring and analytics market. Leading Industry Players are diversifying... ... while niche market innovators focus on tailored solutions Primary segment of leading players: Multinational agribusiness firms, environmental agencies, and construction companies Primary segment of niche players: Independent farmers, eco- focused startups, and regional conservation initiatives. Entry of Major Tech Corporations into Environmental Tech Big tech corporations are expanding into sustainability analytics, yet lack the focused expertise found in Quantas Bank of China entered the KSA after being granted a license in 2020, but has struggled to penetrate the market Foreign banks such as Citibank have entered the KSA after being granted capital market licenses. Such banks focus on megaprojects, custody / clearing, and serving as agent between countries What does Quantas want to be known for in the market? What are its key sources of differentiation? Sources: Environmental Analytics Market Report 2023, Allied Market Research, Global Market Estimates. ANASTASIA
  7. Why Quantas… PROJECT EARTHWISE: WHY QUANTAS 01 We are World’s

    First: Specializing in precise AI- powered erosion prediction and land management solutions FIVE KEY EY SUCCESS FACTORS 02 We are tailor made: Innovating with region- specific AI models for environmental assessment. 03 We know the industry: Engaging in strategic partnerships for localized sustainable practices. 04 We bring our accelerators, e.g. offering tailored APIs for seamless integration with existing systems 05 We are execution focused THREE KEY OUTCOMES 01 02 03 Impactful Solutions: Delivering a unique value proposition with Quantas’ cutting-edge platforms, fostering deeper relationships with key sectors and expanding the reach of AI in environmental sustainability Strategic Deployment: Leveraging deep knowledge of environmental challenges and AI capabilities to offer transformative solutions and execute with precision from the onset Market Penetration: Driving growth by introducing innovative, scalable solutions that address the critical needs of both large-scale and small-scale land management, enhancing revenue streams with sustainable impact. PROJECT EARTHWISE: Quantas technical proposal 8 ANASTASIA
  8. Contents Who 2 Context & Objectives 3 Framework & Hypotheses

    4 Framework & Hypotheses II 5 Timelines 6 Market 7 Why Us 8 Appendix: Compliance 8-13
  9. Quantas Labs Quantas | Erosion Impact Analysis | Sustainable Land

    Management | About Quantas Quantas Labs is redefining the landscape of geoscience with its AI-driven Erosion Impact Predictor, a game changer in environmental tech innovation. Integrating AI, statistical modelling, and GIS insights, our platform analyses erosion patterns across diverse terrains. Tackling the pressing global challenge of soil erosion, where 24 billion tons of fertile soil are annually, we promote sustainable land management strategies with data-driven precision. For more information about our organization, please visit www.quantas.ai © 2023 Quantas Labs. All Rights Reserved. This publication is for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional or expert advice. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the accuracy of the data herein. Neither Quantas Labs nor any of its representatives shall have any liability for any decisions made or actions taken in reliance upon the information provided herein. For further details or to seek our services, please contact the appropriate advisor