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Micro Modular Architecture with Bazel

439ebe4787a98881df8a59d41baf4a43?s=47 Ryo Aoyama
September 21, 2020

Micro Modular Architecture with Bazel

iOSDC Japan 2020 09/21 11:30 Track E
「Bazelを利用したMicro Modular Architecture」


Ryo Aoyama

September 21, 2020

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  1. Micro Modular Architecture with Bazel Ryo Aoyama iOSDC Japan 2020

  2. Ryo Aoyama Mercari Software Engineer Architect iOS Tech Lead @ra1028

  3. Agenda • Drawbacks of Monolith • Micro Modular Architecture •

    What is Bazel? • The power of Bazel with micro modules
  4. Drawbacks of Monolith

  5. Disclaimer: Monolithic application is NOT an absolute bad thing.

  6. FeatureA FeatureB FeatureC FeatureD FeatureZ … Networking DesignSystem Analytics Database

    Architecture etc… Entity Monolithic Application All features are concentrated in one or a few modules.
  7. Monolithic Application Build time increases as the product grows: Build

    time can increase linearly or exponentially.
  8. Coupling complexity between features: Monolithic Application Coupling complexity between features

    gradually increases and there is no going back.
  9. Barriers to evolutionary potential: Monolithic Application The introduction of new

    technology affects the entire app and is pretty costly. And also, it does not have the ability to evolve progressively.
  10. So we need to tackle more advanced architecture.

  11. Micro Modular Architecture

  12. Micro Modular Architecture Our coined term showing a highly modularized

    application structure. =
  13. The idea is to split our application into hundreds of

    smaller modules.
  14. Concepts One module has only one screen (aka view controller).

    All the layers needed for the screen are also in the same module. • Module by feature
  15. Concepts The screens do not depend on each other and

    work independently. • Independent between features
  16. Concepts Create one module for just one functionality. Larger functionalities

    consist of a composition of these smaller modules. • Fine-grained shared functionality modules
  17. Monolith Application Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature Common Common Common

    Common Concepts
  18. Looks great, but will the modules depend on each other

  19. Modularization Group Applications Features Libraries Domain Grouping modules to give

    order to the way they depend on each other.
  20. Application Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature Common Common Common Common

    Modularization Group The modules in this group contain an App Delegate, and that's it. It might also contain DI to feature modules. Applications
  21. Application Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature Common Common Common Common

    Modularization Group Features Each vertical feature module is independent and can only depend on modules in the Domain and Libraries groups.
  22. Application Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature Common Common Common Common

    Modularization Group Domain (Library) Contains modules of functionality shared by several feature modules. It also allows modules to have service-specific information.
  23. Application Feature Feature Feature Feature Feature Common Common Common Common

    Modularization Group Libraries Contains modules of generalized functionality. It cannot have service-specific information.
  24. Modularization Group Applications Features Libraries Domain Grouping modules and make

    them unidirectional dependencies. Circular dependency Complexity
  25. Next, let's stop into Bazel for more advanced micro modular

  26. What is Bazel?

  27. Bazel • Fast + Reliable + Scalable + Extensible •

    Multiple language support • Starlark language for build scripts • Remote Caching • Open Source https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel
  28. Example of Benefits My product completes clean build, unit test,

    and land to testers in around 1m 30s in the shortest. But it's still too early stage for a sample.
  29. Example of Benefits Pinterest https://medium.com/pinterest-engineering/developing-fast-reliable-ios-builds-at-pinterest-part-one-cb1810407b92 Local Build: CI Build: Beta

    Distribution: Build Success Rate: 4m 38s -> 3m 38s, 21% improved 10m 24s -> 7m 34s, 27% improved 14m 32s -> 7m 52s, 45% improved 80% -> 97%-100%
  30. Tokopedia Example of Benefits https://medium.com/tokopedia-engineering/how-tokopedia-achieved-1000-faster-ios-build-time-7664b2d8ae5 Local Clean Build: 56m 31s

    -> 4m 56s, 91% improved
  31. LINE Example of Benefits https://engineering.linecorp.com/en/blog/improving-build-performance-line-ios-bazel Minimum: Maximum: Average: 28m 24s

    -> 4m 24s, 85% improved 35m 25s -> 26m 32s, 25% improved 30m 58s -> 14m 32s, 53% improved
  32. Example of Benefits Amazingly, these improvements have been brought to

    each individual developer by remote caching.
  33. Build Scripts WORKSPACE Defines external dependencies. BUILD Contains build scripts

    for 1~N modules. .bazelrc Configuration file for project-specific options. xxx.bzl Defines utility extension for build scripts which will be loaded from the BUILD.
  34. Bazel for iOS rules_apple rules_swift apple_support https://github.com/bazelbuild/rules_apple https://github.com/bazelbuild/rules_swift https://github.com/bazelbuild/apple_support

  35. Bazel for iOS for more complicated modules rules_apple_line https://github.com/line/rules_apple_line

  36. How to build load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive") http_archive( name = "build_bazel_rules_apple", sha256

    = “….", url = “https://github.com/bazelbuild/rules_apple/releases/download/x.x.x/rules_apple.x.x.x.tar.gz”, ) load( "@build_bazel_rules_apple//apple:repositories.bzl", "apple_rules_dependencies", ) apple_rules_dependencies() load( "@build_bazel_rules_swift//swift:repositories.bzl", "swift_rules_dependencies", ) swift_rules_dependencies() load( "@build_bazel_apple_support//lib:repositories.bzl", "apple_support_dependencies", ) apple_support_dependencies() WORKSPACE
  37. Library How to build load("@build_bazel_rules_swift//swift:swift.bzl", "swift_library") swift_library( name = "Sample",

    srcs = glob(["Sources/**/*.swift"]), data = glob(["Resources/**/*"]), visibility = ["//visibility:public"], ) BUILD
  38. Test How to build load("@build_bazel_rules_swift//swift:swift.bzl", "swift_library") load("@build_bazel_rules_apple//apple:ios.bzl", "ios_unit_test") swift_library( name

    = "TestLib", srcs = glob(["Tests/**/*.swift"]), ) ios_unit_test( name = "Test", deps = [":TestLib"], ) BUILD
  39. Application How to build load("@build_bazel_rules_apple//apple:ios.bzl", "ios_application") load("@build_bazel_rules_swift//swift:swift.bzl", "swift_library") swift_library( name

    = "AppLib", srcs = glob(["App/**/*.swift"]), ) ios_application( name = "App", app_icons = glob(["Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/**"]), bundle_id = "com.example.app", families = [ "iphone", "ipad", ], infoplists = ["Info.plist"], launch_storyboard = "Launch.storyboard", minimum_os_version = "14.0", deps = [":AppLib"], ) BUILD
  40. How to build $ bazel build //… Build all targets

    $ bazel build //package-name:target-name Build specified target
  41. Carthage CocoaPods • pinterest/PodToBUILD • bazel-ios/cocoapods-bazel • with build scripts:

    swift_library, objc_library • with build scripts: apple_dynamic_framework_import Our Choice Third-party Library
  42. Bazel + Xcode BUILD xcodeproj

  43. Tulsi by Google https://github.com/bazelbuild/tulsi XCHammer by Pinterest https://github.com/pinterest/xchammer Bazel +

  44. index-import by Lyft https://github.com/lyft/index-import Bazel + Xcode Replaces the paths

    in the index file created by Bazel so that it can be used for Xcode.
  45. Downside • High adoption cost • High learning cost •

    iOS is not officially supported • Some Xcode features have been disabled
  46. Downside Wrong setting will rather increase the build time.

  47. Alternatives Buck by Facebook https://github.com/facebook/buck Gradle https://github.com/gradle/gradle

  48. The power of Bazel with micro modules

  49. Aggressive Caching Once a module is built, it won't be

    rebuilt until the code in that module is changed.
  50. Aggressive Caching Caches are created per module. Micro modular architecture

    maximizes cache efficiency. =
  51. Test Results Caching Bazel will not run already succeeded tests.

  52. Test Results Caching That’s can be ignored by bazel test

    //… --nocache_test_results
  53. Remote Caching Once it's built somewhere, all developers don't have

    to rebuild it. Build once, reuse everywhere:
  54. Remote Caching Remote Cache Client CI Client Client Cache Cache

  55. Remote Caching Caches can be minimized by bazel build //…

  56. Remote Caching Now, all we need is ample network bandwidth

    instead of Mac Pro.
  57. Static Linking Too many dynamic frameworks can have a negative

    impact on the launch speed of your app.
  58. Static Linking Bazel compiles all modules into static libraries, so

    micro modules has no negative impacts.
  59. Dependency Diagrams Bazel can track all dependency graphs and parse

    them with the bazel query command. It can be output as a graphical diagram with Graphviz.
  60. Dependency Diagrams https://github.com/kastiglione/bazel-xcode-demo-swift-driver

  61. Conclusion

  62. • Micro Modular Architecture maximizes the synergy with Bazel, and

    vice versa. Conclusion • Build speed has room for improvement in software architecture as well as hardware performance. • Bazel will dramatically improve our developer experience.
  63. References • Bazel Document • Faster Together: Uber Engineering’s iOS

    Monorepo • How Tokopedia Achieved 1000% Faster iOS Build Time • Improving Build Performance of LINE for iOS with Bazel • Developing fast & reliable iOS builds at Pinterest (Part one) • kastiglione/bazel-xcode-demo-swift-driver https://eng.uber.com/ios-monorepo https://engineering.linecorp.com/en/blog/improving-build-performance-line-ios-bazel https://medium.com/tokopedia-engineering/how-tokopedia-achieved-1000-faster-ios-build-time-7664b2d8ae5 https://medium.com/pinterest-engineering/developing-fast-reliable-ios-builds-at-pinterest-part-one-cb1810407b92 https://bazel.build https://github.com/kastiglione/bazel-xcode-demo-swift-driver
  64. Thank you Ryo Aoyama iOSDC Japan 2020