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Sound, The Silent Partner in User Experience

Sound, The Silent Partner in User Experience

These are the slides from my first tech talk at Snow*Mobile 2014.


Janie Clayton-Hasz

February 22, 2014


  1. Sound: The Silent Partner in User Experience Janie Clayton-Hasz

  2. None
  3. –Jeremy Olson, 2011 Apple Design Award Winner “Audio is a

    vast, unexplored territory with a few pioneers.”
  4. Apple’s iPod Nano

  5. Battle of the Client Apps

  6. Demo • https://github.com/RedQueenCoder/ SystemSoundServicesDemo

  7. Programs For Sound • Garage Band • Logic • Reason

    • Pro Tools (expensive!)
  8. Sites to find sounds • Sound Snap • Audio Jungle

    • FreeSound.com • Apple Loops
  9. Things to keep in mind • Use sparingly! • Use

    your app a lot to see if the sound gets annoying • If possible, run through a low-pass filter • Make sure you have the legal rights to your sounds
  10. http://RedQueenCoder.com