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Advice to young developers: Get the job and stay cool

Advice to young developers: Get the job and stay cool

CodeConnexx 2013

There are two key career stages every singe developer and designer has to go through for which advice is really forthcoming. There are places that people can go when they are students to get advice and when they have cemented themselves in the industry where they can go to expand their horizons and share their ideas. But what about in between?

The reality is you are left to your own devices when looking for a job and when you do get one many young developers and designers fall into traps driven by their fears and egos. I want to help you in those two steps and share my experiences.


Richard Askew

November 09, 2013

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  1. Advice for young developers: Get the job and stay cool

    Richard Askew @richaskew
  2. Who am I? • Went to Uni • Got a

    job as part of course • Left that job, got another job • Set-up my own company • Teach at the University on a part-time basis.
  3. Today Two parts, aimed at “Young” developers - Getting a

    job - How young developers interact and common traits
  4. None
  5. Flickr: Bunches and Bits

  6. Getting a job Tip 1: Create a portfolio

  7. Create a portfolio

  8. Create a portfolio

  9. Alternatives

  10. Alternatives

  11. Alternatives

  12. Implications - Implies you don’t love what you do -

    Implies you aren’t curious - Implies you do the bare minimum
  13. Getting a job Tip 2: "You get the work you

  14. “You get the work you do”

  15. “You get the work you do”

  16. “You get the work you do”

  17. Getting ideas

  18. Getting ideas

  19. Getting a job Tip 3: Become part of the community

  20. Become part of the community

  21. Getting a job Tip 4: Finding work

  22. Finding work

  23. Finding work

  24. Have fun

  25. Getting to work caseorganic

  26. Making life easier for you: Understand your code Flickr: bobsfever

  27. Tips on working with yourself - It’s OK to rewrite

    - Don’t be afraid to Google - Complexity != Quality
  28. Value other disciplines Flickr: jakedobkin

  29. Value designers

  30. Value designers: We all design stuff! Flickr: hackny

  31. Tips for working with designers - They are perfectionists -

    Technical limitations (Don’t stagnate) - Compliment
  32. Value project managers Why do business analysts and project managers

    get higher salaries than programmers? - stackexchange.com
  33. Value project managers - Programming is more difficult, but managing

    sucks more. - “Programmers are usually logical, intelligent, individuals, who tell it like it is. Executives hate that.” - Reducing management to creating charts and writing documentation is like saying that programming is typing.
  34. Value project managers - Business pressures - Are you comfortable

    with what you are doing?
  35. Tips for working with project managers - You might not

    know the whole picture - Become an ally - Business reasons don’t make everything OK
  36. Value Customers

  37. Top tips for working with customers - Be proactive -

    It is OK to assume - They don’t speak your language - Referrals are important - Say ‘No’
  38. Dealing with Users - BUFH - You are the BUFH!

  39. Value everyone.

  40. None
  41. Give feedback Flickr: b@nfy

  42. Give feedback Flickr: b@nfy

  43. Looking down on lack of knowledge Flickr: Lorena Cupcake

  44. Jargasm

  45. The mocking of recruiters

  46. The mocking of recruiters

  47. Don’t be how I was

  48. Tips for being happy - Take responsibility - Money. Money.

    Money. - Perspective
  49. Thank you.