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building a hipster catapult, or how2own your skateboard

Richo Healey
December 11, 2014

building a hipster catapult, or how2own your skateboard

Research that Mike Ryan and I presented at Kiwicon 8.

Once again these slides are basically so barren as to be meaningless, but posted for posterity.

Richo Healey

December 11, 2014

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  1. a talk by mike and richo FACEPLANT

  2. a talk by richo and mikeryan Building a hipster catapult

    or; how2own your skateboard
  3. Filler crap about how smart we are /* FIXME: Actually

    be smart */
  4. Ever wondered what idiot would drop a k on a

    skatebort? To hax it, obvs
  5. How 2 skatebort

  6. Wtf is a gatt

  7. Caressing the skatebort

  8. Wire Protocol Request Response Action FUEL GAUGE1 FUEL GUAGE5 REXP

    Expert mode RBGN Beginner mode
  9. DoF bugs

  10. Mo Jammin’, Mo Problems

  11. Attacking the skatebort • Capture the AA • Jam the

    connection • Connect in the confusion • ????? • FACEPLANT • err, PROFIT
  12. Failed demo is faily :(

  13. Further Work • Firmware is almost certainly bad • OTA

    update soon! • Playing music on it sounded pretty fun • Vendor was actually pretty good about this
  14. These jerks • @rich0H • github.com/richo • [email protected] • @mpeg4codec

    • https://lacklustre.net • [email protected] github.com/mikeryan/PyBT