Breach Prevention for Developers at KSU

Ab03678bbcfaa5425274e4d3905ae7b8?s=47 Frank Rietta
February 16, 2017

Breach Prevention for Developers at KSU

Presentation given at KSU on February 16, 2017

As an information security professional, it’s critical to know something about how custom web applications are developed and the impact that has on application security. Frank Rietta, a developer and founder of a web app security consultancy, talks about what if we want to build security into a web application hosted in the cloud. Since security cannot be bolted on at the end, Frank talks about tools available to include security as part of the development process, including user stories, abuser stories, and test driven development that includes security tests.

If you’re interested in more videos on this topic, Frank publishes videos free to the public at


Frank Rietta

February 16, 2017