When we read about how we can improve our lives here, women are most attracted ... I would like to ask one thing: What do you think about a woman? I'll go a step further and ask, what are the major non-physical differences between men and women?

After all, we understand that what we do is as simple as possible. Of course, this is the first vow, you do not "receive" women. Instead, just meet your company, talk and enjoy. But now I am passing through myself ... let's have a general feedback on women's representation.

Idealist Reactions
Here are some answers with perfume ads. The woman is a wild and independent soul, who is the Goddess of life, Goddess and love. It is incompetent, unbound, pure beauty and spirit. Female is a human being. A woman has anxiety, laughter, happiness and life.

Beautiful girl is smiling
In all impartiality, it is their ability to have all the thin lines. But does it help you to become a great lover in your lover? Rarely, if I can say it. Let's try a different approach: one that I call "consciousness".

Extra-boys' views
Once or at the club, wherever you get beautiful women, you will traditionally search for your "cool people" every night of the week. They stand with their beer in hand: "Friend, you saw this girl's chest," "I will kill that ass completely", "It's hot, I'm 10 out of 10 people, give me"

Then they stand around the other, then sit, and then they get up, and then they go home and cry in their pillows. Either, or they are completely ruined, they hang on the girl who keeps a watch for the clock and says, "You're a very hot mother."

Back in your childhood
I do not think these people know what a woman is. And I do not think they ever really thinks. To completely destroy it, I think it is a small group of people who are in the pub.

Let's move on to the time when the time is less complex and we are all innocent. Just Done You and I

You are 6 years old and you're stuck with your friends in schoolyards. It's hard to find. Girls are stupid and stupid, they jump around Chuck Square, hold hands and sing stupid. They are dressed like a little stupid princess and play with a doll and leave the rope. Stupid girl

But yours, it's incomprehensible sound, it's the emotion which attracts you. You hide it better because your friends are cool and tough and you need to be calm and stiff. And play with cars and weapons and laugh. Strong because it's good because it's good. And because you expect that the girls will notice. No, go hang out, forget the last part. Because it's good, it's good, it's good. Stupid nervous girl

Now it's eight years later: they are 14 years old and somehow girls are still stupid, but they are afraid, they grow with chest and beautiful butt and your hormones tell you that these breasts and buttocks are really good. And all your good and hard friends are in agreement. Girls are good tits and donkeys!

Yes so ... um ... yes! Totally! Come, oh, smoke cigarettes and drink beer and laugh loud, because it's even better.

Stupid boy
And sometimes, after a nursery school, she was a stupid child who always made you mad in hell. He was in a car and a weapon like you, but this time he talked to the foolish girls and laughed at them and played with them too! She was too gay. What a stupid

Not a good joke. They are 14 years old and no girl takes care of you, while stupid Bustard now touches some breast and donkeys. Stupid girl stupid boy


If you know some of the above or everyone, then there are two of my friends, my friends

1. I'm sorry to hit a very close home, it should be damaged.
2. It's too late to open your eyes!

You see, if you take care of these small stupid girls immediately, you will have a simple time with you today! So "natural sperm" is so successful. They have no mysterious keys, they are before their mother's heart, mind and soul imagining from their childhood. Once the hormones are involved, it all fits like puzzle pieces together. They were just adding to the touch.

How did the girls play with a doll? Can you warm up and worry? Why did you leave the cord and landed together? Do you choose to share it? And what about the whole dressing? Are you interested in being beautiful?

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