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Getting punched in the face for fun

Romain Pouclet
March 16, 2022

Getting punched in the face for fun

Why everyone who can should try boxing.

Romain Pouclet

March 16, 2022


  1. Getting punched in the face for fun (and why everyone

    should try boxing)
  2. Context • We’d just moved to Vancouver (early May 2018)

    • Ran my f irst half marathon in June • Wanted to try something new
  3. Why boxing? • Going to the gym is boring (to

    me) • Wanted to meet new people • Low-pressure challenge (That’s not me)
  4. I looked at gyms around our place… 🥊 👨💻

  5. Beyond Boxing • Tiny club (in an old f lorist

    shop) • Beginner friendly • A bunch of di ff erent trainers with their own style • Most of them are friends now
  6. What boxing is (And what boxing isn’t) •not (just) 2

    people punching each other until one gives up •It’s a very technical sport •Super intense (and fun!) workout •Good opportunity to reach your goals (get in better shape, have more energy, loose weight or just have fun…)
  7. Boxing is not just sparring •Most people actually don’t f

    ight •No pressure from the club (if there is: run!) •I only started sparring after 6 months and I’ve mostly stopped
  8. Injuries

  9. Injuries •One cracked rib •One nosebleed •One bruised ego when

    getting my ass kicked by someone younger
  10. Results

  11. Body Transformation

  12. Opportunity to f ist bump the owner of a boxing

  13. Rope Skipping

  14. Chances of survival in a mugging

  15. Since then

  16. Since then I converted my girlfriend to join every now

    and then...
  17. Since then ... my little sister (visiting from France)

  18. Since then ... and my brother in law (also visiting

    from France)
  19. Bonus

  20. Great Instagram material

  21. Great Instagram material (2)

  22. (Mostly) Great Instagram material

  23. (Mostly) Great Instagram material

  24. (Mostly) Great Instagram material

  25. Thanks!