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Buddybuild - Android Montreal - June 2017

Buddybuild - Android Montreal - June 2017


Romain Pouclet

June 29, 2017


  1. ANDROID MONTREAL - JUNE 2017 Romain Pouclet

  2. • Developer Relations Engineer at buddybuild • Wrote the book

    Pro iOS Continuous Integration • Uses a Nexus 6P and an iPhone 6S Romain Pouclet
  3. Common software development practices Developers and users working together to

    build great applications Create Fix Share Feedback Development Team Users Test
  4. Continuous Integration Analytics & Crash Reporting Feedback Continuous Deployment Complex

    & Cumbersome Difficult to Provision Users Inefficient & Ambiguous Incomplete & Lacking Context Developers Mobile Systems and workflow The systems required to build great software
  5. An “ecosystem” one-off solutions Too much time is spent connecting

    disparate tools Continuous Integration Crash Reporting Feedback Continuous Deployment Paid user testing Developers Mobile
  6. ✨Mobile optimized CI/CD solution✨

  7. • Build your app and run your Unit and UI

    tests • Deploy your apps to testers and to Google Play • Collect user feedback and crash reports • Built specifically for mobile developers
  8. Demo - 2048 2^

  9. Customers include

  10. Customers include