Ronda Shock


I’m just going to cut to the chase and let you know the color palate for Myntra is a little on the safari side. They range from khaki to yellow and all the other safari tones in between. I know what you’re thinking and no I don’t hate this myntra collection just because the colors are less bold and more muted, quite the contrary my friend that is why I love it. Suprisingly, as of now, it has 70% discount while using myntra coupons

The porter skirt has utility written all over it. This high waisted skirt can be worn for a funky every day look with a graphic t-shirt or tank top. Or if you want to dress up this myntra skirt a solid black or white blouse would look best add matching heels or metallic gladiators and you’re all set. If going on safari means wearing skirts like this I think I may want to actually go one safari after all. The heath tank top is nothing new just an average tank with a deeper neckline. Don’t get me wrong though I love the addition of a deeper neckline because it opens up you’re options as far as layering goes.

Be still my beating heart. I do believe I have finally found a piece from Myntra that doesn’t have any buttons. This is surprising because buttons seem to be the only embellishment to be found on any of the garments from the myntra spring & summer 2008 collection. Oh wait there they are on the shoulder. You sneaky buttons thought you could hide from and now I stand corrected. Regardless of the amount of buttons this is a great dress. I’m curious to know how long though sleeves really are. All are up in market with various discount offers.

Gosh high waists must be in high demand for summer of 2008 because it is getting harder and harder to find pieces like shorts and skirts that don’t already have this feature. I like to think there may be a practical side to wearing your shorts higher up but really it just makes your tummy and the small of your back hot. The cowl neck on this myntra shirt is the first I have seen all season and look there really aren‘t any button on this blouse. Kudos Mike and Chris

I really want this halter! If I had to try to name the color of this myntra halter I should think goldenrod would be fitting. A summer night would be the perfect setting to wear this easy going halter. I love all of the little buttons on this halter especially the unexpected ones on the neckband.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Mike and Chris must like small boobs. All of the necklines are flattering to those who are not as well endowed in the chestal area. Speaking as someone who is similarly afflicted it makes me really happy to know I could work it out with any of the tops from the whole myntra spring/ summer 2008 collection

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