Rose Sheldon


Apple to Continue the Production of Desktop Computers

Apple iMac series of desktop computers hasn’t been updated for more than a year. There is little wonder that fans & observers are spreading rumors about the alleged phasing out of desktop production. Nonetheless, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., addressed the coworkers in order to assure the community in further development of desktop business.
Mr. Cook didn’t mention particular dates or details about the launch of new desktop products. Yet, he underlined the importance of traditional computers for the society. He insisted that desktops are more original than laptops, since they allow incorporating more powerful hardware, i.e. large displays, high-performance memory modules, a variety of I/O interfaces, etc.
Apple’s head added that the current iMac generation is the best desktop solution ever produced by the company, while its 5K-Retina display is considered to be the best display in the world.
Rumors about the phase-down of desktop production appeared on the background of the sales results for the final quarter of the 2016 financial year. According to them, worldwide sales of Apple’s desktops have dropped by 14%.

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