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Developing iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications with C#

Developing iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications with C#

Joint presentation with Marcel de Vries (http://www.twitter.com/marcelv) and Willem Meints (http://www.twitter.com/wmeints)

(Dutch) Leer met gebruik van je bestaande .NET skills, Phone applicaties te bouwen met Visual Studio en Mono (Mono Touch & Mono for Android)

See http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechDays/Techdays-2012-the-Netherlands/2143 for the video


Roy Cornelissen

February 17, 2012


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  2. Developing iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications with C#

    Roy Cornelissen IT Architect, Info Support Willem Meints Developer, Info Support Roy Cornelissen IT Architect Info Support Willem Meints Developer Info Support Marcel de Vries Technology Manager Info Support
  3. Patterns Proof Myths ALM

  4. Windows Phone iOS Android

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  7. C / C++ Different CPU architectures C# / Silverlight 3+

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  9. Demo

  10. App Logic Vendor tools “Magic Box” Hybrid XCode Objective-C WP7

    Silverlight C# Android SDK Java Appcelerator Titanium JavaScript > Native PhoneGap HTML5 / CSS / JS Adobe AIR ActionScript Antenna Rapid Scripting Language Service2Media Lua C# Xamarin MonoTouch WP7 Silverlight Xamarin Mono for Android Rhodes Ruby + HTML Sybase Unwired “4GL” code gen Shared language
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  14. Yes there is overhead But it’s no problem Make the

    app feel fast
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  17. iOS MonoTouch.CoreLocation MonoTouch.CoreMotion MonoTouch.AVFoundation MonoTouch.AddressBook MonoTouch.EventKit … Android: Android.Hardware.Sensor Android.Location

    Android.Bluetooth Android.Nfc … Windows Phone: Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Gyroscope Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Accelerometer Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Compass Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Motion …
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  19. Reusable 20% Shared app logic 20% Windows8 14% iOS 18%

    WP7 12% Android 16% Shared 65% Specific 35% Per App
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  21. Roy Cornelissen Willem Meints Marcel de Vries

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  27. Services Model Controller ViewModel Etc. GPS Storage Motion sensors View

    Shared? Bridge Shared  Platform specific
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  29. Shared Controller UIViewController XAML View Activity Web Services S F

    S F S F Model GetActualEvents (Action<object> OnSuccess, Action<Exception> OnFail) PropertyChanged(“Events”); public void OnFailed(Exception e) { // Do something with error } public void OnSuccess(object data) { // Do something with data // Notify user }
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  32. Demo

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  34. Roy Cornelissen @roycornelissen Willem Meints @wmeints Marcel de Vries @marcelv