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Building Microservices in .NET with NServiceBus

Building Microservices in .NET with NServiceBus

This session introduces the concept of Microservices and explains some of the characteristics of how a system of loosely coupled services should communicate. We then look at how to implement a microservice architecture in .NET with the NServiceBus framework.

Roy Cornelissen

October 04, 2016

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  1. Event driven architecture Services keep their own state Events are

    used to notify changes Each service will have its own database Services use events to replicate data
  2. Costs Latency in data changes Challenge to reconcile in case

    of disaster No central control of business logic Event driven architecture
  3. What is NServiceBus? A .NET framework to help implement SOA

    microservices with the Service Bus architectural style
  4. Started by Udi Dahan Now an open source product from

    Particular Software What is NServiceBus?
  5. Order $$$ Tx App Call 1 of 3 Call 2

    of 3 Queue The order is back in the queue