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RumRock Live XXVII. Schotman Peated Rums

November 27, 2022

RumRock Live XXVII. Schotman Peated Rums

Slidy z rumové on-line degustace Schotman peated rum.


November 27, 2022



    for quality. No coloring or flavorings have been added. The rum is not cold-filtered and has cask strength if possible.
  2. Who is Eric Koster § Born 02-04-1968 § Entrepreneur since

    1989 Educations § Liquorist 2019 (WSET 3 Distilled) § Master Distiller Hasselt (BE) & Schiedam (NL) 2020 § Whisky Ambassador 2021 Certified Liquorist Certified Whisky Ambassador
  3. • The process can be viewed by anyone in the

    patent. • The ingredients, which come from the sugar cane, are smoked on a blend of German and Irish peat. • The duration of smoking per batch is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. • The process of smoking is still developing, but the basic process remains the same. • Because the raw materials are smoked before the distillation, this is the only rum to be called Peated Rum. So Peated before the for Rum. All others are Rum Peat finish, matured in an ex-Islay whiskey barrel. • The wash is fermented for about 2 weeks • Distillation with a copper pot still and column. • On the barrel and in the glass. • There are no added flavors, colors, or fragrances. The rum is not cold-filtered and no sugar is added. • The patent expires in 20 years What is Peated Rum
  4. Distillery de Bronckhorst • Copper Hybrid still. • Colum and

    Pot still Capacity • 175 liters • Wood fired
  5. First Release Peated Rum 1. Ex Bourbon 48% 2. Ex

    Moscatel 52% 3. Ex Cognac 50% 4. Ex Pedro Ximenez 53% 5. Ex Port 61% 6. Silver 48%
  6. First release § The “First Release” was on sale for

    the first time at the end of 2021 § The Peated Rum (667 liters) was distilled by Distilleerderij de Brockhorst in 2020. § This rum is blended with old barrel-aged rum that I buy at E&A Scheer from Amsterdam. § This blend was on 5 different casks: ex-Bourbon Jim Beam, ex-Cognac Remy Martin, ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry cask, ex-Moscatel, and ex-Port cask. § The “First Release” was about 230 sets of these 5 bottles (1380 total incl Silver).
  7. Schotman Peated Rum No:2 • Distilled at: Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst

    • Age: Blend 2-9 Years Old • Distilling: Pot and Column • Barrel nr: # DE05 • Barrel aging: 2 years Netherlands • Barrel type: ex-bourbon & ex Pedro Ximenez • Bottled: 03-2022 • Content Bottles: 70 cl & 50 cl • NR bottels: 99 and 289 • Alcohol: 56% cask strength • Peat Level: 2 out of 5 stars No Color. No Sugar. No Additives. No Filtration
  8. Barrel Selection Along the way, I sometimes come across gems

    of rum barrels to which I like to connect my name. These barrels have been selected by me. I have to like this rum, this is my criterion. So that in the future people know what to expect when they buy a bottle of Schotman Barrel Selection
  9. First Release Caroni 19 yo • Name distillery: Caroni •

    Origin:Trinidad & T0bago • Box/Tube: No • Distilled: 1999 • Bottled: 2018 • Maturation tropical:9 y - continental:10 y • Age: 19 Years • Alcohol Strength: 61,20% • Bottle Size: 70cl • Numbers of Bottles: 70 • Cask No. 190 • Type of Cask: Ex Bourbon • Distillation Still: Column • Single Cask: Yes Barrel Selection
  10. Release No: 2 Foursquare 2005 17 yo Name distillery: Foursquare

    Origin: Barbedos Box/Tube: No Distilled: 2005 Bottled: 2022 Maturation tropical:11y - continental:6 y Age: 17 Years Alcohol Strength: 58,4% Bottle Size: 70cl Numbers of Bottles: 278 Cask No. 71rtn17/V178 Type of Cask: Ex Bourbon Distillation Still: Pot and Column Single Cask: Yes
  11. Name distillery: TDL Origin: Trinidad Box/Tube: No Distilled: 2006 Bottled:

    2022 Maturation tropical:7 y - continental:9 y Age: 16 Years Alcohol Strength: 62% Bottle Size: 70cl Numbers of Bottles: 278 Cask No. 17/V473 Type of Cask: Ex Bourbon Distillation Still: Column Single Cask: Yes Fun Fact: This label consists of 95% sugar cane fibers Release No: 3 TDL 2006 16 yo
  12. The future We are already working on the future. Production

    must be scaled up to meet demand. Capacity has now become 4x as large. Also, a smoke machine is currently being developed that produces 90% fewer emissions of co2. Different recipes will be worked out so that we can continue to surprise enthusiasts in the future. For example, we have been working with wild fermentation for the last 2 years. The first barrel was filled last year. This year another 6 barrels are to be added. (This is not Peated Rum.) Rum from different molasses from Cuba, Paraguay, and El Salvador. Next year we will make the first Peated Rum with wild fermentation.