Chaperones and Curfews: Minimising 3rd Party Impact

Chaperones and Curfews: Minimising 3rd Party Impact

Talk given at PerfMatters 2019 –

Every year websites get heavier – but the majority of growth isn’t coming from code written at the organisations running them... it’s coming from 3rd parties.

Long gone are the days when it was viable to build everything internally, but their impact on performance is already getting a little out-of-hand. We don’t want to be the fun police throwing everyone out, but we can start to moderate the party.

In this talk we won’t be looking to remove 3rd parties altogether – nobody likes having their toys taken away; instead we’ll be taking the practical approach of accepting that 3rd parties aren’t going anywhere and look at what strategies we can employ for maintaining performance and safeguarding against slowdowns, outages and abuse.


Ryan Townsend

April 03, 2019