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Sculpting A Vibrant Community

Sculpting A Vibrant Community

Slides from our presentation at MozCamp 2012, Singapore on Community Building and Maintenance.


Sayak Sarkar

November 18, 2012


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  2. Text Sculpting a Vibrant Community Ankit Gadgil Sayak Sarkar Mozilla

  3. Community: The dictionary meaning •A group of people having a

    religion, race, profession or other particular characteristic in common. •A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
  4. Vibrant Community !! What’s that? It’s a Community of people:-

    •With diverse backgrounds and common interest. •Having a sense of family bonding among themselves. •Where people enjoy what they do.
  5. Develop ( !Create) • Communities already exist. • We need

    to recognize and develop them into Vibrant Mozilla Communities.
  6. Contributor’s Perspective

  7. Why should I contribute?

  8. • How do I find my local community? • How

    do I reach out to them? •Where do I fit in? •Helpful URLs:- •http://www.whatcanidoformozilla.org •http://www.mozilla.org/contribute
  9. How to get into an existing community?

  10. Community Builder’s Perspective

  11. The three main ‘How’s • How to expand the community?

    • How to maintain the community? • How to popularize the community?
  12. Getting new people involved

  13. Frequent meetings

  14. Increasing community interaction.

  15. Expanding the community

  16. Plan for an event

  17. Make it successful

  18. Reward..

  19. Get together.. Innovate

  20. Celebrate !!

  21. Identify success metrics & get feedback

  22. Cut a cake !!

  23. Contact us:- Ankit Gadgil: ankitgadgil@gmail.com @anknite Sayak Sarkar: sayak.bugsmith@gmail.com @sayak_sarkar

  24. Got more ideas? Add them to:- http://www.etherpad.mozilla.org/sculpting-a-vibrant- community