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Rails API

April 30, 2014

Rails API

Basics of creating an API=only server with Rails with AngularJS in the frontend. Code: https://github.com/sayanee/Talks/tree/master/013-rails-api


April 30, 2014

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  1. Rails API ruby meetup 29 apr 2014

  2. api only version json cors auth mock server testing

  3. backend frontend logic view rails angular puma nginx localhost:3000 localhost:8888

    domainapi.com domain.com
  4. api only

  5. api only simpler Gemfile remove /app/views folder

  6. api only /app/controllers/application_controller.rb

  7. api only /app/controllers/pages_controller.rb /config/routes.rb

  8. api only demo git checkout step1

  9. version

  10. version /app/controllers/api/v1/api_controller.rb /app/controllers/api/v1/meetups_controller.rb

  11. version /config/routes.rb $ rails g model Meetup name:string event:datetime $

    rake db:migrate $ rails c > Meetup.create(name: 'April meetup', event: Time.now)
  12. version demo git checkout step2

  13. json gem ‘active_model_serializers' rails g serializer meetup

  14. json /app/serializers/meetup_serializer.rb

  15. json /app/controllers/api/v1/meetups_controller.rb

  16. json demo git checkout step3

  17. cors

  18. cors frontend markup to display data

  19. cors frontend script to query api

  20. cors gem ‘rack-cors'

  21. cors /config/application.rb

  22. auth

  23. auth /db/migrate/xxx_add_auth_token_to_users.rb /app/models/user.rb

  24. auth /app/controllers/registrations_controller.rb backend - token sent as part of headers

  25. auth javascript frontend - token received and stored

  26. auth demo token stored in local storage

  27. auth /app/controllers/api/v1/meetups_controller.rb check token before every api request

  28. auth /app/controllers/api/v1/api_controller.rb

  29. auth demo git checkout step5

  30. mock server

  31. mock server /mock_server/server.rb with sinatra - start a mock server

  32. mock server /config/secrets.yml /app/controllers/api/v1/questions_controller.rb using mock server in test &

    dev environments
  33. mock server demo git checkout step6

  34. testing

  35. testing /spec/controllers/meetups_controller_spec.rb test for json response

  36. testing demo git checkout step7

  37. other resources demo code: github.com/ sayanee/talks/013-rails-api